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Aerial Force in Basingstoke

Aerial Force Basingstoke Branch
55 Rycroft Meadow, Basingstoke, RG22 4QE, United Kingdom

Aerial Force enjoy working in Basingstoke, an area which is the largest town in Hampshire. We install, repair and maintain aerials and satellites in the residences of the Basingstoke community, helping them to receive the best in home entertainment. Not only do we provide a service, but we do so with speed and quality, living up to our national reputation by offering a service befitting of local values.

Basingstoke has a very old history which has helped it to become the town that it is today, and – as of 2011 – Basingstoke had an incredibly high population of over 105,000 people! Based at the source of the River Loddon, Basingstoke is an old market town that has retained its traditions and preserved its history to give it the character it has today.

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Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

The people of Basingstoke also need entertaining in their own homes, and Aerial Force install Sky and Freeview systems. We also offer advice with European satellites so that you can keep up to date with whatever programmes interest you!

Aerial installation

Our experts install a wide range of aerials, to homes around Basingstoke. No job is too big or too small for our team of installers who have all had a minimum of 5 years experiences within the trade.


We help to keep the homes of Basingstoke secure, by installing the latest in CCTV technology. Designed to connect to your gadgets and devices, the technology we will install for you helps you to keep tabs on your property, even when you are not there.

Aerial and dish repairs

Naturally, after a while, your aerial and dish will need repair. This can be frustrating – particularly if you are half way through a programme! Contact Aerial Force, and take advantage of our same day service.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

We can mount your wall brackets, so that you can watch your new TV (or re-located older one) wherever you need to.

Find out more

We provide much more than just a standard aerial installation service. Contact us today, and we will provide you with further details.

History of Basingstoke

Basingstoke developed rapidly after the second world war, as it became part of the ‘London overspill’ which saw residents moved from houses in Greater London, to other areas in the South East of England. This was aided by the damage done to London by German bombers within the second world war, and Basingstoke received a large number of these residents. Many of the people moved into council houses and into new towns such as Stevenage.

Basingstoke was already well-known before this surge in population, however, and the ‘Basingstoke Market’ is mentioned in the ‘Domesday Book’ of 1086. Since that time, Basingstoke has set up a regular market – this has occurred since the charter was set up in 1622 and the market currently takes place on a Wednesday and Saturday between 9:00am and 4:00pm.

During the civil war, Basingstoke hosted a number of parliamentarians, and has had its share of bad luck and catastrophes. In the 17th century in particular, Basingstoke suffered from two fires in 1601 and 1656.

In terms of Basingstoke’s economical history, cloth and malting were both particularly important industries for the town during the 17th century. During the 18th and 19th century, brewing was carried out in Basingstoke, with some of the best-known Brewers including ‘May’s Brewery’ which was founded in 1750.

The 19th century – and the arrival of the railway – caused Basingstoke to re-think its commerce, and in the 19th century, the town decided to re-focus its attentions to industrial manufacture. Agricultural equipment, in particular, was manufactured in Basingstoke.

Entertainment in Basingstoke

In addition to this, some of England’s best-known clothing shops have come from Basingstoke, as well as shoe stores. The brand ‘Burberry’ comes from Thomas Burberry who founded the organisation in 1856. Furthermore, Milwards shoes also originated in Basingstoke; Alfred Milward founded this brand of shoes. Basingstoke’s ‘Festival Place’ shopping centre was opened in 2002, and is the setting for the experiences of many of Basingstoke’s shoppers.

Basingstoke has also become the United Kingdom headquarters for the successful ‘Game’ chain which sells video games on an international scale. It is also the British headquarters for other, huge corporations, such as Motorola and Sony Professional Solutions. In the last 75 years or so, Basingstoke’s population has expanded from around 25,000 (in 1940) to over 107,000 in 2011.

When they are not shopping, the citizens of Basingstoke enjoy a number of other attractions that can be found around the town. For cultural visitors and residents of Basingstoke, the ‘Milestones Museum’ tells the story of Basingstoke’s retail, social and industrial past, as visitors are given an experience as though they were living in the 1930s and Victorian era. The Willis Museum is another fascinating place to explore, as visitors look at Basingstoke’ architectural history, up until contemporary times.

‘The Anvil’ theatre gives a different experience, as performers expertly reproduce famous plays such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and famous comedians such as Jimmy Carr perform to entertain the crowd! Likewise, the ‘Haymarket theatre’ is another place for culture-vultures to watch some of Basingstoke’s best theatrical performances; this can be done within a theatre that has some fascinating architecture. Elsewhere, Basingstoke also hosts ‘Jan Jack’s Laughter house Comedy Club’ so it is certainly not short of places for people to get their laughs!

For visitors who like to explore grand and beautiful places, ‘The Vyne’ is a former Tudor palace that provides a unique opportunity to see the stained-glass building that was built for Lord Sandys. Another picturesque spot for tourists and visitors, is Eastrop Park where visitors can walk and enjoy nature whilst immersed in their peaceful surroundings. Popular and relaxing walks can also be found within the ‘Crabtree plantation.’

Another place to relax and enjoy oneself, is in the Hampshire Court Hotel Spa. Visitors and guests can relax in this glorious location, whilst being pampered with a treatment. A visit to the spa is appreciated by many people all around England and provides a welcome break from shopping in Basingstoke’s Festival Place shopping centre.