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Aerial Force in Benfleet

Aerial Force Benfleet Branch
107 Hart Road, Benfleet, SS7 3PR, United Kingdom

There are many towns in and around Greater London, and Aerial Force are keen to serve as many of those towns as possible! We work with the residents of South Benfleet, to install, repair and maintain satellite dishes and other aerials, in order to keep them updated with the events taking place around the world, as well as their favourite television programmes. Before we attend homes in the area, we like to get to know as much as we can about it, and this gives us an insight into the history of the town – helping us form working relationships with all of our customers.

South Benfleet is located 30 miles east of London and is a town in the district of Essex. South Benfleet has a rich and unique history, that extends back to the days of the Vikings and Saxons. It is very well known for the battles that took place during these eras, and the ‘Battle of Benfleet’ fought between the two parties in 894, is perhaps the most famous. During this battle, the Vikings were defeated by the Saxons, and this helped to form what South Benfleet was to eventually become.

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Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force help residents of Benfleet keep updated with the latest in home entertainment. We install Sky, Freeview and offer advice with European satellites to ensure you have access to the programmes you enjoy – whatever your requirements.

Aerial installation

We install a range of different types of aerials around South Benfleet, each done by our highly-trained and experienced engineers. No job is too big or too small for our engineers.


We help the residents of South Benfleet keep their properties safe and secure with the latest in CCTV technology. The CCTV that we install can be accessed on a range of devices, helping you to keep tabs on your property when you are not there.

Aerial and dish repairs

When your aerial or dish is subjected to the elements, it will eventually become damaged. Call our experts to keep up to date with your programmes, and take advantage of our same day service.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you have bought a new tele (or want to re-locate it), we can help you fix it to your desired location. Contact us, and we will be out instantly.

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To hear more about what we can offer you, contact us today. We are much more than just a standard aerial installation service.

History of Benfleet

The Saxons retained the area of South Benfleet for a large number of years, and in the 5th century, they named the area (which was largely marshland at this time), ‘Beamfleote’ which roughly translates as ‘tree stream.’ It is interesting to note that South Benfleet was named after these two forms of nature that formed the characteristics of the town it was to become!

Still within the reign of the Saxons, Benfleet became known as ‘South Benfleet’ when a new settlement known as ‘Little Benfleet’ was formed within the north of Benfleet. Nowadays, the area is split into ‘North Benfleet’ and ‘South Benfleet.’

In the 19th century, the years that followed the Industrial Revolution affected Benfleet when the town announced their plans to open a railway in Benfleet. The Industrial Revolution has played a major part in London life, and the life of many towns and cities that surround London and connect it with other areas. Benfleet railway station is connected to both Southend-On-Sea and London Fenchurch Street Station. It serves the towns of both Benfleet and Canvey Island.

Photograph of St Mary's Church, Benfleet from the south-west

Benfleet has been affected by other historical events, and it was well-documented when England and nearby areas next to South Benfleet, were hit by the flooding of 1953. During these floods, nearby Canvey Island (which is located slightly to the South of South Benfleet) was hit substantially, and over 55 people were killed in the town. The tragedy came about as a result of a major storm that took place in the North Sea which affected European countries such as the Netherlands, Scotland, Belgium and England. Overall, in England, over 300 people were killed by the flood, and these were from counties including Lincolnshire, Norfolk and of course Essex. Benfleet’s role in helping victims of the flood was to house local residents in ‘South Benfleet Primary School.’

Entertainment in South Benfleet

South Benfleet has a number of attractions in – or around – its local area. The residents of South Benfleet love to be entertained both in the comfort of their own homes, and outdoors in the community. Aerial Force provide a first-class service to the residents of South Benfleet, to ensure that they are kept up to date with the latest in home entertainment, and television across the world. Our expert team of engineers offer a same day service, that ensures the property is attended on the day we are contacted, and we even provide a free estimate for all new installations! The engineers have a minimum of 5-years experience in the trade, and have all been through the necessary criminal checking procedures.

Externally, the community of South Benfleet have a range of options to help keep them entertained. For example, the Garden Spa is a relaxing place for people to visit and un-wind after a stressful day at work. This can also be helped by a nice relaxing walk in ‘West Wood’ where visitors can explore nature and wildlife whilst taking their foot off the gas for a while.

For families, ‘Farmer Fred’s Play Barn’ is an area where children can enjoy playing. Children can also be entertained at the ‘Imperial Bird of Prey Academy’ in nearby Billericay – this gives them a different kind of educational experience which is sure to interest and engage their minds. Furthermore, ‘Adventure Island’ in Southend-On-Sea will also keep them amused, as will ‘Hide and Shriek’ also in Southend-On-Sea.

For adults, the ‘Escape Live’ challenge provides a unique opportunity for visitors to pit their wits against some challenging obstacles! Elsewhere – for the more culturally-minded – the ‘Cliffs Pavilion Theatre’ provides an evening’s entertainment as visitors sit back and relax whilst enjoying some theatrical viewing.