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Aerial Force in Biggin Hill

Aerial Force serve the residents of many towns in and around London city centre, and Biggin Hill is a small town located in Greater London, that can benefit from the high quality of service that we offer. Wherever your town is, we will provide you with a same day service, that helps you enjoy your favourite programmes as soon as possible! Not only this, but if you are after a new product, Aerial Force will come out to provide you with an estimate FREE OF CHARGE! This applies to all new installations, and is an offer that we enjoy promoting because it has one of our most important values at the heart of its concept: customer service.

Biggin Hill is located in the London borough of Bromley, within the county of Kent. We serve a number of other areas in Kent; if you are interested in finding out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

Biggin Hill is one of the highest settlements that can be found within Greater London. This made it an ideal spot to have an airport and the ‘London Biggin Hill airport’ is the location that hosted the ‘operations room’ for the ‘operation crossbow V-1 flying bomb during the second world war. The operation was designed to prevent Germany from being able to succeed in their long-range weapons programme and this involved targeting their research and development, launching sites, missiles in flight and sites of manufacturing. It can be said that Biggin Hill played a key role in Britain’s success during the second world war.

Aerial Force are passionate about building relationships with some of the most instrumental locations involved in defending Britain during the first and second world wars. We are proud of our nation, and enjoy learning about how certain areas of our country operated in helping us win the war. Playing our part in ensuring the residents of Biggin Hill have access to the home entertainment systems of their choice, is indicative of the work that we carry out with people who have a matching set of beliefs, and we enjoy working together, listening to stories whilst we supply Biggin Hill residents with the equipment they need for successful home entertainment.

Polesteeple Hill, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We install satellite and freesat services to Biggin Hill residents, at the highest standard possible. Not only do we install Sky and Freeview, but we also offer advice on European satellites, ensuring you have access to the channels of your choosing.

Aerial installation

We install satellite and freesat services to Biggin Hill residents, at the highest standard possible. Not only do we install Sky and Freeview, but we also offer advice on European satellites, ensuring you have access to the channels of your choosing.


We supply the homes of Biggin Hill with the latest in CCTV technology, and provide an installation service that links your devices with the CCTV technology. This helps you to leave the house, safe in the knowledge that your home is being monitored.

Aerial and dish repairs

After a while, your aerial and dish will need to be repaired. Aerial Force carry out repairs to the highest standards possible, ensuring that you do not get left behind with your favourite programmes.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

We can install your new flat-screen TV, saving you the hassle! Your TV should be in the best location for you – contact Aerial Force and we will get it there without you having to work.

Find out more

We provide so much more than a simple aerial and satellite installation service. Contact us now to find out how we can help you!

More about Biggin Hill History

Biggin Hill also has other locations and buildings that link the town with its past. For example, one of the more well-known buildings in Biggin Hill is the ‘St Marks Church’ also known as the ‘Moving Church’ because it was constructed out of the materials from ‘All Saints’ in North Peckham. The church was built and held its first service in 1959.

Nowadays, Biggin Hill is an area that sits approximately 19 miles south west of London’s city centre. There are many bus services that allows people to travel from Biggin Hill into the city centre which means that it is entirely possible for people to live in Biggin Hill and commute in to London for work.

For visitors to Biggin Hill, there are a range of attractions for them to see and these are based both around historical parts of the past, and more contemporary activities. ‘RAF Botley Hill Farm’ is an exciting place to visit, and visitors can also stay in the Botley Hill Farmhouse. Nearby Biggin Hill is ‘Down House’ which was the residence of Charles Darwin. When he wrote ‘The Origin of the Species,’ he did so from within Down House, and this makes it a very important part of the local culture. The house is now owned by the English Heritage, so people can still view the house and the grounds during a visit.

Other outdoor activities include the ‘Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre’ and the War Memorial. For a little more exercise, many visitors enjoy attending ‘Riddlesdown’ which is good park for people wanting to go for a jog. The ‘High Elms Country Park’ provides a walking experience where visitors become immersed in the natural landscape. Similarly, the ‘Blake Recreation Ground’ also provides nice walks.

Nearby to Botley Hill, is ‘Beaver Water World’ which is a unique experience for all visitors and provides hours of entertainment for a family day out. For those wishing to battle their wits and intelligence, the ‘Operation Escape’ in an interactive escape game where a number of puzzles must be solved before participants can escape from a room. For a completely different type of experience, ‘GO Zorbing London’ is located around the Biggin Hill area and participants have fun ‘zorbing’ in a huge ball that rolls down big hills and across other landscapes.

When these activities have been exhausted, residents of Biggin Hill go back to the comfort of their own home, to entertain themselves in other ways. Television is a big part of today’s home entertainment, so it is important that you have a good home entertainment system that has all of the necessary equipment installed to a high standard. Aerial Force provide the highest quality installation service of satellites and aerials in Biggin Hill, and our same day service sets us apart from the competition.