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Aerial Force in Croydon

London is one of the world’s largest cities, and living close by such a huge place must be incredibly exciting for residents! With its unique historical buildings, and incredible achievements across several niches, there is always something to see and do in London, and the area provides employment to many people from the city and its surrounding towns.

One of these towns, is Croydon, an area which is based in the south of London, in Surrey – approximately 9.5 miles from the city centre. Croyden has been named as one of the largest commercial districts outside of the country’s capital, and this has helped it to become one of London’s best-known boroughs.

Residents of Croydon are served by the Aerial Force engineers, who work tirelessly around the country, installing aerials and satellites, as well as carrying out repairs and maintenance work. We are trying to cover as much of the population as possible, and working in areas in and around London certainly help our cause! People in Croydon need to be kept updated with television programmes and news stories, and they therefore need the latest technology and access to the services enjoyed by people all over the world. Aerial Force help Croydon residents enjoy home entertainment, as they enjoy the other types of external entertainment at other times.

Croydon has a population of just over 52,000 (as of 2011) and has what is known as a ‘night-time economy.’ It also has a large shopping district where residents go to enjoy purchasing material items. Croydon used to have a much different appearance, however.

Grant's, High Street, Croydon

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We provide residents and visitors to Croydon with the latest in a range of Satellite and Freesat products, including Freeview and Sky. We are also experts on a range of other types of aerial and satellite services, and can provide advice with many European satellites. If you require advice or installation for an unconventional piece of equipment, contact us and we can advise you further.

Aerial installation

Aerial Force provide a free estimate on all new installations, you have nothing to lose when you contact our team of expert engineers! All of the aerials we install are fitted to the location that gives you the best possible service, so contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with installation.


Everything that we do has our customers at the heart of the process, and we know how important security is for everyone. The state-of-the-art CCTV technology that we supply and install, links directly to your devices meaning that you can rest easily when you leave your premises!

Aerial and dish repairs

When subjected to the elements, your aerials and dishes need regular repair. Nothing is too big or too small for our team of engineers, and we are happy to attend your premises immediately when you need work doing.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you are re-locating or buying a television, installing it in the perfect location can be problematic. Contact Aerial Force to get a quotation on our wall bracket mounting service, and we will do the hard work for you!

Find out more

We are much more than your simple aerial and satellite installers! Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve the home entertainment system of your dreams!

More about Croydon History

There seems to be some evidence of a Roman settlement located in Croydon centuries ago. We are more sure, however, that a 5th and 7th century Pagan Saxon cemetery existed, and a church remains in the town that was built in the mid-Saxon period known as the ‘Croydon Minster.’

During the 13th century, Croydon developed into a market town, serving the community. This market remains today, and is open during 6 days in the week! It has been regarded as the oldest market in Britain, a remarkable achievement for a place with a relatively small population.

During the 19th century, Croydon expanded and this was aided by the railway which was opened in 1839. It was known as the ‘London and Croydon Steam-powered railway’ and the population increased exponentially in the 19th century in particular. This wasn’t all good news for the residents of Croydon, however, as health problems were common in the town.

During 1883, Croydon was incorporated as a Borough, and the town went from strength to strength with the opening of several new stores. Until the second world war, Croydon was the location for London’s main airport, and this was probably one of the reasons why the Germans focussed on it heavily – bombing and destroying the centre of the town.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Croydon opened a number of new offices and roads throughout the city and new building openings became an attractive proposition to many companies as the town was growing rapidly. Croydon continued to grow, and had a tramlink in May 2000, as well as a new shopping centre in 2004 known as ‘Centrale.’

As a result of all the changes that Croydon have made throughout its history, the town hosts a number of external attractions for visitors to enjoy. However, it is never enough for a town to simply have outdoor attractions, and Aerial Force work with residents to ensure that their home entertainment is kept up to date. Installing the latest in satellite and aerial services, we work quickly and efficiently to provide residents with the home entertainment solutions to suit their needs.

When in the town, however, attractions such as the Museum of Croydon provide visitors and residents with an educational experience as they learn about Croydon’s rich past. The Croydon clocktower is another unique attraction that produces a splendid site for tourists and visitors. The town is proud of its unique history, and the Croydon Airport visitor centre also educates residents in the town’s past. Croydon is also proud of the nation that it belongs to, and England’s history can be both celebrated and commemorated at the exhibition entitled, ‘Remembering 1918 life on the western front.’

For visitors requiring an aesthetically-pleasing experience, The ‘Queen’s Gardens’ is a beautiful place to explore, as are the ‘Addington Hills.’ During the evening, visitors and residents can attend the ‘David Lean cinema’ which is based within the ‘Croydon Clocktower Arts Complex.’