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Aerial Force in Bristol

Aerial Forces connection with some of the biggest cities in the UK is strengthened by our coverage of Bristol, a city ranked 10th in terms of England’s largest populations. As of 2017, the total population of Bristol was approximately 449,300 – a staggering amount that Aerial Force are passionate about servicing and ensuring that their levels of home entertainment are high, by giving them our usual high quality of service. We are becoming known as the local company with a national reputation, and residents of Bristol can benefit from the service our friendly, expert engineers provide in addition to the offers we can give. For example, for all new installations, we will provide an estimate free of charge. Furthermore, we also offer a same day service whereby our engineers attend site on the day that we are contacted.

Bristol’s history is one of the most famous and interesting histories in any city of the UK. Near the confluence of the rivers Avon and Frome, were built a series of Roman villas and Iron Age hill forts. Right from the early days then, Bristol was an important location and area to settle. It used to rank very highly in terms of its status and population within the UK – and still does – though it has been passed by cities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool, due to the Industrial Revolution.

Bristol was one of the first cities to form working relationships with American and this came about as a result of the early voyages that left for the ‘New World’ from Bristol. When the English founded new American colonies in the 17th century, both countries enjoyed a substantial period of trade that benefitted both parties.

Bristol is also well known in British history for its association with ‘Isambard Kingdom Brunel’ who was a 19th century Victorian engineer, responsible for designing the railway that ran from Bristol to London – known as the ‘Great Western Railway.’

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Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Not only do we install the more popular types of satellite and freesat such as Sky and Freeview, but we also offer advice on a selection of European satellites, ensuring that our customers obtain all of the services that they require.

Aerial installation

We will install your aerials to the highest standards, to ensure that you receive the best possible pictures for your favourite shows. No job is too big or too small for our team of experts, and we also offer a free estimate on all new installations meaning that you cannot lose!


Leaving your Bristol home should not make you worry, so why not contact us to find out how we can help with CCTV? The system we install has state-of-the-art technology, allowing you to pick up the service via your devices.

Aerial and dish repairs

When your equipment becomes worn or damaged, we offer a first-class repair service, to get your entertainment product back up and running as soon as possible. Our same day service ensures that you are not left too long without connection to your television.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

We are expert installers of more than just aerials and satellites, and if you have flat-screen tele that needs installing, we have the skills and the experience to do this for you. Contact us today, and we will be on our way!

Find out more

We provide much more than a standard aerial and satellite installation company, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

More about Bristol History

Throughout history, Bristol has always been a popular place, but during the 20th century, the population soared. At the beginning (1901), the city already had a substantial number of residents (around 330,000) but by 1971, this soared to over 425,000 people. This rise came about despite the heavy damage that Bristol suffered during the second world war when approximately 1300 people were killed and around 100,000 buildings were damaged (3,000 of those were beyond repair).

Bristol – not wanting to depress themselves with much of their city being wiped out, soon embarked on a re-design, and bounced back with a number of new buildings, characterised by the fashions of the 1960s and 1970s. Skyscrapers, road improvements and mid-century modern architecture was used to give Bristol a new appearance that was attractive to visitors, residents, workers and potential investors into the city.

Bristol has been given prestigious labels, such as being Britain’s most sustainable city. It now stands for some of the best education, creative media, aerospace industries and electronics around England, and has 2 universities. People come from far and wide to visit Bristol – it is an incredibly popular tourist destination.

A city with Bristol’s size has to have attractions to make it the popular tourist destination it has become. There is certainly no shortage of things to see and do in Bristol, and the city’s culture celebrates many important aspects relating to Bristol’s past and future. The SS Great Britain museum can be found on Bristol’s iron steamship, and this gives visitors a look into Bristol’s past on board steam ships.

Clifton Suspension Bridge is a must-see site in Bristol, and features an incredible site and walking experience as you walk across. Clifton itself is a glorious part of Bristol, and home to some of the city’s most wealthy residents. In order to see more of Bristol’s past, ‘St Mary’s Radcliffe’ is a church with lots of gothic detail which gives you an interesting, religious experience. The Georgian House in Bristol, is another place for those wishing to see how areas of Bristol once looked, and the ‘Red Lodge Museum’ provides another location to become educated.

Bristol is also home to the artist known as ‘Banksy’ and art plays a key role in Bristol’s culture. The ‘Bristol city museum and art gallery’ showcases some amazing artistic talents, and the ‘Arnolfini’ displays more contemporary collections of art in the waterside warehouse.

For a completely different type of experience (perhaps one if you have children that need entertaining!) Bristol Zoo provides a fun and interactive day out! If you have had enough of the outdoors, however, it is likely that entertainment will come in the form of the television, and Aerial Force can help you get the best from your box, by providing an installation, repair and maintenance service on all types of aerials and satellites.