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Aerial Force in Hillingdon

Hillingdon is an area located within the wider London borough of Hillingdon – Greater London’s most western borough. Aerial Force already provide an aerial and satellite repair and installation service to many areas in and around the boroughs of London, and are happy to add Hillingdon to that list due to the history and fame that is associated with the Hillingdon name. Since the 1920s – when Hillingdon experience a huge increase in its population – Hillingdon’s popularity has soared and it as of 2010, it now houses over 12,000 citizens.

Aerial Force work tirelessly within the Hillingdon community, to help residents achieve their home entertainment dreams. We provide a range of services, and are happy to offer people from Hillingdon our same day service – which ensures that we attend site on the day that we are contacted. Furthermore, residents of Hillingdon can also benefit from our free estimate service, which applies to all new installations and our engineers will happily offer impartial, expert advice on the types of product that are best for you.

Church of St John in Hillingdon

We are more than a standard aerial and satellite installation team, we also repair equipment, offer CCTV, and are passionate about tailoring a multi-room solution that fits each client’s individual needs. All of the work we do is performed to the highest possible standards, and our engineers have a minimum of 5-years experience each. Furthermore, all engineers have been through the relevant criminal records checks, so you can feel safe and secure when they attend your property. Everything that we do is focussed around the customer and we believe that this sets us apart from our competitors. The people of Hillingdon enjoy telling our engineers their stories, and why they are proud of the area we live in. We immerse ourselves in your culture, to help strengthen the bond between supplier and customer.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force provide residents of Hillingdon with the popular satellite and freesat services such as Sky and Freeview. Our engineers have accumulated vast amounts of knowledge throughout their careers, and this enables them to provide advice on European satellites in addition to the conventional standard types.

Aerial installation

We install a range of aerials, in any location. Our engineers love a challenge, and will always persevere to ensure you are left with the best possible picture when we leave.


The top-of-the-range CCTV that we supply and install in houses across the UK allows home-owners to access security cameras on a range of devices. This gives you the safety and security that you need when you leave your home.

Aerial and dish repairs

Subjected to the elements, your external equipment will eventually become damaged. When it does, contact Aerial Force, and we will service and maintain your existing aerials to ensure that service does not drop for too long.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you are struggling to install (or simply don’t want to!) your new flat-screen tele, our engineers will step up and do the job for you! This allows you to watch your favourite programmes on the screen that is in the best location for you.

Find out more

To find out how we can help you achieve your home entertainment dreams, contact us now. We are much more than your standard aerial and satellite installers!

More about Hillingdon History

Hillingdon is an ancient parish, and was known in the Domesday Book of 1086 as ‘Hillendone’ which potentially means the ‘hill of a man named Hille.’ It seems bizarre to think that a place with such a large population has retained its name off the back of the historical memory of one man!

Until 1866, the parish of Hillingdon had with it the chapelry of Uxbridge. That town is now the administrative headquarters of ‘The London Borough of Hillingdon’ but the two areas separated meaning that Hillingdon now has its own separate parish to Uxbridge.

The location of Hillingdon allows residents to commute quickly and easily into London, and other areas that are situated around the city. This is aided by the Hillingdon tube station which was added to the metropolitan line in 1992. Hillingdon tube station is the most recent station to be built on this line. Additionally, Hillingdon tub station is also located on the Piccadilly line which gives residents access to even more areas within London. Furthermore, residents can also gain easy access both to Brunel University, and Uxbridge station via the U2 bus route.

Hillingdon offers a range of attractions, and there is no urgent need to leave the location to find entertainment. The ‘Church of St John the Baptist’ was built in 1629, and this had an extension added to it in the years between 1847 and 1848. However, during November 1940 (midway through the second world war), a bomb fell on the south side of the church and destroyed that specific part. The church can be visited today and gives visitors and residents the opportunity to see its amazing structure.

Hillingdon Court is another structure that interests visitors and residents. The court was built by Sir Charles Mills back in 1858, and became his – and his family’s – home. Some years later, the mansion part of Hillingdon Court was purchased by the ‘Sacred Heart’ and in 1920 they turned it into a nursing home. After the second world war had finished, the mansion that had been purchased became a girl’s school but it is now owned by ACS International schools. The latter have extended and converted parts of the building to enable them to fulfil their educational needs.

Other attractions that Hillingdon possess, include ‘Ruislip Lido’ – an artificial beach and reservoir that provides visitors with scenic landscapes whilst they walk around the site. ‘Ruislip Woods’ add to the experience, and provide an element of mystery for walkers in the area! The country-style park, ‘Northala Fields’ provide further outdoor entertainment, as does the Denham country park which are all accessible from Hillingdon.

For visitors and residents who want to learn even more about Hillingdon’s past, the Polish War Memorial provides a unique educational experience. The ‘Battle of Britain Bunker’ allows visitors to experience an important period of the past that involved Hillingdon, and the London Motor Museum also provides a slightly different, but still educational experience.