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Aerial Force in Horley

Located in the county of Surrey is a town called Horley. More precisely, the town can be found south of Gatwick airport and Crawley. Due to its location, Horley has a fantastic link with the city of London, and this is helped by the existence of Horley train station. It is known as a commuter town, due to the existence of the links, as commuters are easily able to transport into the city centre for work.

Aerial Force work with a number of commuter towns, and Horley is one of our favourites. Living away from the city centre is attractive to many people who do not want to be caught up in London’s hectic, noisy lifestyle – preferring to have access to the area rather than be immersed in the culture every day of the week. Residents need a good home television or satellite system to keep them entertained when they are not located centrally. This is where Aerial Force can help.

We love to supply towns like Horley, with an aerial and satellite service that keeps them connected to their favourite programmes for as long as possible. Although Horley is located outside of the main city, our same day service still applies to the town’s residents, as does the free estimates on all installation offer that we provide. We enjoy researching the history of locations such as Horley, as this allows us to form a bond with our clients, who come from an area with an extremely interesting history which begins with a focus on the Manor of Horley.

Horley’s history dates back to the days of the Saxons, when the Manor of Horley was controlled by the Benedictine Abbey of St Peter. When the dissolution of the monasteries occurred, King Henry VIII took over the Manor, which indicates its importance and relevance in our nation’s history.

Horley High Street

Nearly 100 years after King Henry VIII’s death – In 1602 – the manor became the property of Christ’s hospital in London. During this time, the town as it is now known, was simply a collection of 3 hamlets which existed around a huge common. Although the next couple of hundred years may have been peaceful to Horley’s residents, the 19th century affected Horley in a similar manner to the way it affected many other towns and cities around England.

This began with the introduction of two turnpikes being introduced to Horley in both 1809 and 1816. What the turnpikes did, was to allow coaches to be operated from London to Brighton – through Horley. This was subsequently followed by the railway, and a railway station was built in Horley in 1841.

As a result of the transportation changes, the population also changed and very steadily grew until about 1950. Since that time, the population has doubled – and this seems to be strongly linked with the increase in commuter links from Horley to London. There are further plans for the population and town of Horley to grow even more, and in 2005 the ‘Horley Master Plan’ announced plans for a further 2600 new homes to be built in the town.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force install a range of services, and our most popular must by the Sky and Freeview services that are well known across the world. However, we can also offer advice on more unconventional forms of television products such as European satellites.

Aerial installation

No job is too big or too small for our team of engineers who love a challenge! We will ensure that the picture you are left with, is the best possible one for the service you have installed; contact us now to take advantage of our same day service. Furthermore, free estimates are given on all new installations.


We supply and install the latest in CCTV technology. This involves communication between the CCTV system, and your gadgets meaning you can leave home safe in the knowledge that your house is safe and secure!

Aerial and dish repairs

If your aerial or dish is damaged, how are you going to watch those top programmes that you cannot miss?! Contact us today, and we will repair your equipment almost immediately.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you cannot reach, or do not have the tools to install your new flat-screen tele in the location it belongs, call Aerial Force. We will do all of the hard work, so that you don’t have to.

Find out more

We are a lot more than just a team of aerial installers! Contact us today, to see how Aerial Force can keep your home entertainment dreams alive.

More about Horley History

New residents to these homes, may well be attracted by the types of entertainment that Horley and its surroundings have to offer. Horley has always been a beautiful town with slight rural tendencies, and the ‘National Trust – Harewoods’ allows visitors to explore an area of land that has a Victorian country estate in addition to some footpaths, so that they can enjoy the great outdoors! Near to Horley is the ‘British wildlife centre’ which celebrates Britain’s wildlife.

For families, the ‘Tulleys Farm Maze Fun Park’ provides hours of entertainment as visitors enjoy walking through the maze, and enjoying some of the rides that the park has to offer. The ‘Site of Thunderfield Castle’ evokes emotions of fear and gothic horror; a visit allows your children to use their imaginations in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways!


If you are interested in aeroplanes, the ‘Gatwick aviation museum’ provides a stunning range of historical aircraft that allows you to imagine yourself in the air, with a wide selection of aeroplanes that have been made in Britain. The ‘Lowfield Heath Windmill’ is another must-see attraction for visitors wanting to see more of the area’s history.

During the evening, there is also plenty of potential entertainment available, such as ‘The Farmhouse Pub’ and the ‘School of Booze’ – the latter of which sends visitors on a unique pub tour that displays historic London along the route. Elsewhere, the ‘Archway Theatre’ attracts thespians and culture-vultures who enjoy the visual arts, whilst ‘Let’s Race’ provides a selection of F1 racing car simulators that keep visitors entertained for hours!!

In addition to outdoor entertainment, indoor entertainment can also be boosted when you utilise Aerial Force’s service. Contact us now to learn more.