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Aerial Force in Kingswood

Aerial Force’s high standards of service extends as far as possible around the UK, and even villages in more remote parts of the UK can benefit from our expert engineers. Kingswood, situated on the North Downs in Surrey, is accessible to our engineers, and we are proud to offer the same level of service to Kingswood residents, as we would to those in the bigger cities.

Kingswood is part of the London commuter belt, which makes it a fantastic location for people travelling into England’s capital for work. When they return home, workers enjoy un-winding in front of the television, and benefit from the aerial and satellite installation service offered by Aerial Force. When we work in villages around the UK, we love to immerse ourselves in the local culture as much as we can, and this is why we are becoming to be known as the local business with the national reputation!

For commuters into London, many people choose to avoid the traffic, as this involves waiting in queues of cars, and being at risk of receiving congestion charges. Kingswood has a railway station, to help passengers travel the 15.5 miles or so in to London.

Kingswood has been merged with another area called ‘Burgh Heath’ which makes it known as a ward. The combined population for this ward was nearly 7,000 people as of 2011, which makes it seem larger than many villages in England.

Although not being one of the most well-known areas of London, Kingswood does have a history dating back as far as the ‘Domesday Book’ records, of 1086. During this time, Kingswood was a part of the parish of Ewell to Merton Priory. The area also used to have a chapel which – it has been suggested – existed a long time before the middle of the 15th century.

Clock tower in Kingswood

We love to serve more rural populations of England, and experience aerial and satellite conditions in unique, pleasant surroundings. Kingswood – with its ‘arcadian’ housing, provides plenty of opportunities for our engineers to enjoy the landscape. Though this is glorious to look at (and, presumably live within), it does leave external television equipment open to the elements, and many residents of Kingswood benefit from our same day aerial and satellite repair service.

Most beautiful, rural locations around the UK can seem too isolated but Kingswood does not fit into that category. The village is located just next to a junction off the M25, which allows residents and visitors to access Kingswood – and other parts of the country – quickly and easily.

Kingswood is not a new place for people to reside. In the middle of the 19th century, it had a population of approximately 850 inhabitants. Due to the improvements in transportation and availability or employment around London, its population has risen substantially, and in 2011 it was estimated that nearly 7,000 people now live in the ward. Having a relatively large population for a village, has enabled Aerial Force to extend our service to Kingswood.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Keeping up with the outside world is vital for residents of Kingswood, and Aerial Force install satellite and freesat services such as Sky and Freeview. We also offer advice with other European satellites, helping you to keep your options open.

Aerial installation

We offer a free estimate on all new aerial installations! Every job we are given – whether large or small – is taken seriously by our trained, experienced team of engineers, and we always do our best to install aerials in the best location for television viewing.


Leaving your home needn’t cause you to worry, and our top of the range CCTV technology ensures that your property is safe when you are not there. Connecting to a range of devices, the technology allows you to keep tabs on your property at your convenience.

Aerial and dish repairs

After a while, aerials and dishes need to be repaired and we offer the same service to residents of Kingswood as we do to all our clients! If you need a repair, service or maintenance visit, contact us today and take advantage of our same day service.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you have a new tele, you want it to be installed in the best possible place for you and your companions. Contact us for help with TV wall bracket mounting, and let us do all the complicated work.

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To find out how Aerial Force can help you with all your home entertainment requirements, contact us today. What have you got to lose?

More about Kingswood History

Located in a relatively rural location, gives visitors a range of outdoor attractions to interest them. However, entertainment is just as important indoors as it is out. Aerial Force help residents of Kingswood enjoy television and other services by installing and repairing aerial and satellites at homes, as well as CCTV so that even when residents are not indoors, they can relax safe in the knowledge that their home is secure.

When they are enjoying life outside, visitors and residents of Kingswood can enjoy visiting one of the many churches that Kingswood contains. Churches are a sure sign of a rural area’s religious history, and indicate that religion has always been a key part of village life. Kingswood has ‘St Andrews Church,’ ‘St Mary’s Church’ and ‘St Mary’s Church – Burgh Heath’ for its residents to attend. Furthermore, ‘Lower Kingswood Church’ and ‘Lower Kingswood Church – the church of Jesus Christ and the wisdom of God.’

Other attractions that Kingswood’s rural life has to offer, include the ‘Kingswood Golf and Country Club’ which gives visitors access to play a sport that cannot be enjoyed within London City Centre, or many of its surrounding towns. After hitting the 18 holes, members can relax in the bar with a drink or meal as served by the club. The location is also an attractive one for weddings and other private functions. The ‘Surrey Downs Golf Club’ is another club that can be found within Kingswood, which shows that the area is popular with golfers in and around the location.

For different experiences, Kingswood offers ‘Kingswood Warren’ a battlemented gothic mansion that has a wealth of history to interest guests and visitors. Kingswood is also home to the Legal and General Office and training centre, showing that it is an attractive area for businesses to set up within.