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Aerial Force in London

Aerial Force are proud to team up with the country’s capital, in providing a first-class service to the citizens of London, in regard to their home entertainment requirements. If you live in London and requirement for an aerial or satellite to be installed – or need an item to be repaired – we can offer you a same day service that gives you same day attendance. Furthermore, if you require a new installation, we are happy to provide you with a free estimated cost.

Although London extends for miles, the service that you receive from Aerial Force will remain of the highest standard, wherever you are located.  Our engineers are all fully-trained with a minimum of 5-years experience in the trade, so you can always trust them to know what they are doing when they attend your property. Furthermore, each engineer has completed the relevant criminal records check, so you know that you will always be in safe hands.

We know how much competition is in the London area, and will always do our best to match any other price that you have been given (provided that the quotation is for a ‘like-for-like’ service). We want our customers to be happy with the work we complete, and will always try to tailor a solution specifically matched to your requirements.

Wherever we go in London, we always love to hear new stories from our customers. London is immersed in stories and legends, and this comes from its complex history. Based by the River Thames, London was occupied by the Romans who named the town ‘Londinium’ when they resided in the area. The ‘city of London’ was built within a 1.12 square mile medieval boundary.

A bronze age bridge remains in London, giving evidence of settlement going back thousands of years. Evidence of Roman occupation go back to 43AD, and by the 2nd century, London had a population of around 60,000 people.

Tower bridge in London

In 500 – 680, the city was subjected to a variety of Viking invasions (with 3 recorded assaults, 2 of which were successful). London continued to grow slowly until 950, however after this time it grew rapidly and by the 11th century when Westminster Abbey was built, it was the largest town in England.

As time progressed, London became famous for hosting the ‘Battle of Hastings’ (1066), and – in 1381 – the ‘Peasants Revolt.’ In the 14th century, there were further catastrophes, such as the black death which occurred around the middle of the century.

Despite the catastrophic events, London enjoyed centuries of successful trading and in between 1831 – 1925, it was known as the world’s largest city. After the wars, it attracted a large number of immigrants who came to London for employment and a better standard of living. In the mid 1960’s, London had an international youth culture.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

If you live in London, and need help installing Sky or Freeview, contact Aerial Force today. Not only do we install these services, but we can also offer advice on a number of European satellites, helping the international community of London watch their favourite shows!

Aerial installation

No matter where, in London, you live, we will be happy to install your aerial. We offer a same day service – attending site as soon as we can get there. Call us today, and we will install your area to ensure you get the best picture possible.


Many residents of London are concerned about security. If you are one of these, contact Aerial Force today and we will install the latest in CCTV technology; a service that allows you to track your property from a range of different devices.

Aerial and dish repairs

Aerials and dishes exposed to the elements will always need repairing. Aerial Force are experts at identifying and resolving problems, repairing equipment to get you back on track with your favourite show as soon as possible!

TV Wall Bracket mounting

Tell us where you want your TV to go, and we will do the rest! Our TV wall bracket mounting service fixes your TV safely and securely, meaning you can enjoy your new TV in minutes!

Find out more

We are so much more than your standard aerial installers! Contact us now, to hear more from Aerial Force, as we help you achieve your home entertainment aims.

More about London History

In the years after the second world war, the population of Greater London declined from approximately 8.6 million people in 1939, to around 6.8 million in the 1980s. However, by January 2015 the estimated population of Greater London stands at 8.63 million.

A city with such a rich history has a plethora of attractions and commemorative both of historical age, and more modern. London is one of the leading cities around the world for its arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion and finance. Some of the key members from each of these fields visit London (or live there) and are attracted by London’s facilities which are amongst the best in the world.


For tourists, there are numerous other attractions, such as the London Eye which gives people a view of London that cannot be found in any other location. The Tower of London is immersed in history, and is the place where Henry VIII had some of his wives beheaded! St Paul’s Cathedral also offers splendid views of London, and is a must-see for any visitor.

The Queen of England is known throughout the world, and millions of people have come from all over the world to try to get a glimpse of her! She resides in Buckingham Palace which is often awash with tourists and residents with their cameras, hoping to get a snap of her majesty!

Other of London’s tourist attractions include the Tower Bridge, and Westminster Abbey, historical and ancient sites that tell numerous tales to visitors. The pigeons of Trafalgar square, and the sound of Big Ben are also atmospheric locations that are unique to London. The Natural history museum too, provides an educational and immersive experience to schools and visitors.

For sporting events, London has Wembley – the home ground of the national football team. The FA Cup final, and all of the playoff finals also take place here, and when you follow your team to Wembley, you know that it is because they have been successful!