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Aerial Force in Manchester

Aerial Force are proud to provide TV and satellite system installation, as well as TV aerial repairs in the incredible city of Manchester! We love working in the UK’s biggest cities, and serving the city centres and surrounding areas. Manchester is no exception; if you are looking for aerial installation or satellite dish repair, Aerial Force are the team for you!

Everything about Manchester mirrors the high standards that Aerial Force have set for our business. With its huge population (over 500,000 people in Manchester alone, with over 2.5 million in Greater Manchester), Manchester has been reported as the third most visited city in the UK! It attracts a huge quantity of visitors from all over the world, and has a unique vibe and culture that foregrounds its traditional values whilst embracing the future.

Originating from the Roman fort of ‘Mancunium’ in AD79, Manchester’s largest period of growth probably came within the ‘Industrial Revolution’ of the 19th century. During this time, people came from all around the UK to live in Manchester and work within the textile manufacturing factories and mills around the city. When the ‘Manchester Ship Canal’ was built between 1888 and 1894, the city expanded internationally, and attracted workers and visitors from other countries such as Ireland. It is, perhaps, no surprise that Manchester became known as the world’s first industrialised city.

Much of Manchester’s culture preserves and reflects this period of history. The famous painter, J.S. Lowry used to paint matchstick men depicting workers flocking to the mills, amongst other renowned paintings, and the ‘Lowry Museum’ located at Salford Quays displays much of his artwork. Other museums, such as the ‘Museum of Science and Industry’ display the machines that were used to make cotton and this shows how keen Manchester is to preserve its rich history.

Town Hall in Manchester

From the 1960’s onwards, the heavy industry that Manchester had become famous for declined dramatically, and this was instigated further by Margaret Thatcher’s conservative government from 1979, when many jobs were lost. Manchester’s regeneration began in the 20th century, but was dramatically affected by an IRA bomb that demolished parts of the city in 1996, which had an estimated pay-out of over £400 million. After this time, the city transformed completely and new areas appeared for entertainment – including places to shop and eat. The Printworks and Arndale centre are two areas where people go to shop and visit cinemas, in addition to visiting one of the many restaurants which also opened.

The mills and other buildings that provided the majority of employment within the 20th century, have since been redesigned as modern-day apartments, showing how quickly things can change! Regeneration projects have also occurred all over Manchester, and in the Greater Manchester area, as buildings and areas have changed their design and appearance. As with any major city, new apartment blocks and houses seem to spring up from nowhere, and the ‘Beetham Tower’ became the tallest building in the UK outside of London when it appeared in 2006. Amongst the residents were high-profile celebrities who bought flats within this building when it was opened.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We can provide, install and service Satellite and Freesat (including Sky, Freeview and European Satellites). This helps you keep up to date with the latest movies and sport, from the comfort of your own home!

Aerial installation

Providing a high-quality aerial installation service (from experienced, trusted engineers), we are the best at what we do. Accept no substitute!


In any big city, effective CCTV systems help you to feel secure. Contact us today to hear our quotations for supplying and installing the latest in CCTV technology within your home.

Aerial and dish repairs

Your equipment won’t last forever, and is incredibly frustrating when damaged. We can visit your premises on the same day, mending your aerial and dish before you miss your favourite show!

TV Wall Bracket mounting

If you have a new flat-screen TV but are struggling to install it, contact us. We can mount brackets and install TV’s quickly and easily.

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Contact us today to hear how Aerial Force can help you with your needs. Where possible, we offer a price match (provided the work required is like for like) and will aim to attend your property during the same day that we are called.

More about Manchester History

It is no wonder that celebrities – and visitors in general – love coming to Manchester. There is something for everyone, from tourists learning about Manchester’s incredible history, through to visitors wanting to hear the latest music or visit the modern shopping centres. Manchester has a diverse range of reasons for being famous, including architecture, culture, science and engineering, sport, transport and music. When you visit parts of Manchester, it is almost impossible not to become immersed in the musical ‘vibe’ that includes some of the world’s most popular bands. The Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Happy Mondays and Oasis all come from Manchester, and this has helped it to become synonymous with new sounds and musical culture all over the world.

Elsewhere, Manchester is also famous for having two of the most successful football teams in England. Manchester United have a richer history than Manchester City, but – within the last 5 years – Manchester City have won the premiership more times. The balance of power seems to be constantly swinging between the two, as both teams compete to become the most successful team in Manchester. Visitors can visit both Old Trafford (where Manchester United play) and the Etihad (home to Manchester City) when the visit Manchester.

For lovers of museums and art galleries, Manchester has a range of large museums whose collections regularly change. The ‘Manchester Museum’ and the ‘National Football Museum’ are popular choices, and the ‘Manchester Art gallery’ (in addition to the ‘Lowry Museum’ previously mentioned) keeps art lovers amused. There are also cinemas and theatres which entertain visitors during the evening, and ‘The Palace’ and ‘Royal Exchange Theatre’ attracts some of the best talents from around England. For other forms of entertainment (e.g. live music and comedians), ‘The O2 Apollo’ and ‘Manchester Evening News (MEN)’ have many contemporary acts.

When not visiting shows and city attractions, the residents of Manchester need effective home entertainment systems, installed and maintained by Aerial Force. Call us today, and we can help you – whatever your need.