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Aerial Force in Mansfield

Aerial Force have a strong relationship with many residents that live in some of the biggest, most scenic towns in the UK. The market town of Mansfield is one such area of the UK, and we enjoy working in the town’s glorious landscape, providing a service to the town’s friendly residents. If you live in Mansfield, and need an aerial or satellite installing, repairing or maintaining, Aerial Force are the team for you!

Working with residents of Mansfield allows us to learn so much about the town’s culture and history – directly from the customers that we serve. Towns that have a unique, historic past, provide plenty of entertaining tales that help build a good working relationship between our engineers and the town’s residents. There are around 99,500 residents living Mansfield – the town lying approximately 12 miles north of Nottingham. Despite being situated so close to the huge city of Nottingham, Mansfield has its own unique history and culture that sets it apart from its neighbours.

Mansfield’s history dates back to Roman times, after a villa was found in 1787! In 1849, Roman coins were also found which indicates that the town was indeed used by the Romans centuries ago. In the Domesday book, Mansfield was recorded as ‘Mammesfeld.’

Throughout history, other findings have presented evidence of Mansfield’s important status within the United Kingdom, such as the remains of King John’s 12th century palace that can be found within Mansfield today! Due to its location in Sherwood Forest, the town was also a popular retreat for some of the country’s aristocracy, and even the royal families visited Mansfield within the 14th and 15th centuries. It has been said that Mansfield’s fresh air and exclusivity made it such a popular location for the upper classes of England in history.

Mansfield is particularly well-known for its coal mining and textile industries, and – until the 1990s – these were particularly prominent parts of Mansfield’s past. During more recent times, Mansfield has actually suffered a decline in its population (perhaps aided by the withdrawal of the coal mining and textile industries); in 2009 the town had a population of approximately 100,600 people, but in 2011, this reduced to 99,600.

Marketplace in Mansfield

Though it is unlikely that these people needed a satellite or aerial installing (!!) Aerial Force love to hear some of the legends surrounding Sherwood Forest which – of course – include Robin Hood and his merry men. Naturally, times have changed since those dates and residents are able to watch some of the past films featuring Robin Hood on their televisions, providing they have the right, working equipment set up. Aerial Force install and repair aerials and satellites so that residents of Mansfield are able to keep in touch with their films and favourite shows.

Other remarkable stories that we know about Mansfield, include that – during the 16th and 17th centuries – access to the town was only achievable through some inns and stable yards! Many of Mansfield’s traditions and historical buildings remain, and some pubs are dated from medieval times.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We install a range of aerials and satellites for the people of Mansfield, including popular services such as Freesat and Sky. We also offer advice on European satellite, and more unconventional services.

Aerial installation

No job is too big or too small for our team of aerial installers! We offer a same day service, and free estimates on all new installations. Contact us today – what have you got to lose?


We provide the latest in technology – not just in terms of television viewing, but also CCTV technology. When you are out and about, rest assured that your property is safe and the CCTV we install links up to your devices so that you no longer need to worry.

Aerial and dish repairs

Outdoor equipment is constantly liable to damage and degradation. Aerial Force repair aerials and satellites when requested and we implore you to take advantage of our same day service so that your television sets can return to normal as quickly as possible.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

We help you install your televisions in the location that you desire. Contact us today, and let us do all the hard work for you.

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For further advice and information on your CCTV, and aerial and satellite services, contact us today to find out what else we can offer.

More about Mansfield History

In contemporary times, Mansfield has a range of attractions – though public houses still sit amongst them! As well as enjoying a glimpse of the past whilst sipping a pint, residents can enjoy other ‘themed’ bars, such as ‘The Brown Cow’ which is known as a blues pub. There are a number of other bars and clubs in Mansfield which allows residents to stay in their own town, rather than having to travel the 12 miles south, to get to Nottingham which is often inundated with students and clubbers from around the world.

Mansfield town centre is a lovely area to explore, and includes many of the high street brands found in towns and cities all over England. Furthermore, the ‘Mansfield Museum’ and ‘Mansfield Palace Theatre’ also give residents and visitors to Mansfield a cultural experience that draws them away from the busy bars, clubs and town centres!

For people that enjoy walking, the ‘Vicar Water Country Park’ is a way of viewing the splendid scenery, and the ‘Dukeries Cycle Trail’ provides another way of seeing sites via transportation. If sport is one of your hobbies, you can enjoy a round of golf at the ‘Sherwood Forest Golf Club’ or watch the Mansfield Town Football Club play their games at Field Mill.

Whilst residents are out enjoying themselves, they want to ensure that their property is safe. Aerial Force install CCTV to enable residents to feel safe and secure. Entertainment is as important indoors as it is out, and watching television is a popular method of home entertainment. Working with the residents, Aerial Force do our best to keep customers up-to-date with all the latest shows and sporting events, by installing satellites and aerials, to meet your needs. We also carry out repairs and maintenance work as required.