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Aerial Force in Margate

Margate is a picturesque seaside town in Kent, and one which our engineers love to visit! Whether it be repairing aerials, or installing brand new CCTV in a Margate holiday home, Aerial Force enjoy visiting Margate – and our free estimate on all new installations (in addition to our same day service) extends to the residents of Margate, as it does with all of the areas that we serve. Seaside towns always seem to have a rich and unique history that has helped them to become the place that they are today, and Margate is no exception. Margate’s sandy beaches have been behind both positive and negative parts of England’s cultural history, and therefore the town plays a vital role when trying to piece together our past.

The name ‘Margate’ seems to have come into fruition around 1299, as in 1264 it was still known as ‘Meregate.’ The town’s location has always provided it with a maritime tradition, and this is still a known and proud part of the town’s character.

During the 15th century, the ancient confederation of the cinque ports added Margate as a ‘limb’ of dover, which is far more glamorous than it sounds! Dover itself has a rich and unique place in our culture, and was been mentioned in one of the most iconic songs of the 20th century ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ as sung by Vera Lynn and then re-released by Robson and Jerome.

For at least 250 years, Margate has been one of Britain’s leading seaside resorts, and its location has helped city dwellers to escape from the ‘Big Smoke’ when in need of some rest and relaxation. Margate does, however, attract people from all over the country and the world, due to its sandy beaches – not necessarily something that are often seen in the East of England! Margate has been the backdrop for scenes in shows such as ‘Only Fools and Horses’ – one of Britain’s most loved comedies!

Up until 1978, Margate a Victorian pier which also attracted tourists and visitors from across the world. The pier allowed visitors to stroll out towards the sea, enjoying the breeze and the sea air. However, in 1978, a huge storm attacked England’s east coast, and the pier was sadly destroyed. It can still be seen on many works of art and pictures often seen depicting London and England’s past piers.

Clock tower in Margate

Margate’s past does have some negatives, however (as do virtually all towns and cities!) The town became famous for the clashes between the gangs known as the ‘Mods’ and the ‘Rockers’ back in the 1960s. Not wanting to end there, the ‘Mods’ then clashed again with another gang around 20 years later, this time with the ‘Skinheads.’ Unfortunately, Margate was also the town that they chose to violently settle their differences.

In 2011, Margate had a population of just under 50,000 people. However, it attracts a lot more people on day trips and holidays, boosted by some of its glorious attractions.

One of these attractions is known as ‘Dreamland’ a place that features an amusement arcade, as well as a fairground with rides that include rollercoasters, big wheels and roundabouts. This attracts a huge number of visitors and holiday-makers each year, who love rides that are located next to the coast.

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We install a range of services, including Satellite and Freesat. Not only do we install the most popular forms of TV services (e.g. Sky and Freeview) but we also offer expert advice on a range of European satellites. Our engineers have a minimum of 5-years experience in the trade, and we have learnt some information about satellites in that time! Why not take advantage of our knowledge?

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Our team of experts know how to get you the best picture! Contact us today and we will install your aerial as soon as we can. Our same day service is not something to be missed; if you need help with your aerial – we are the team you need!


Aerial Force are proud to keep homes around the UK safe and secure, and the CCTV systems that we install have cutting edge technology, to help you monitor the safety of your home whilst you are out enjoying Margate’s attractions.

Aerial and dish repairs

That sea air can be brutal on your aerials and satellite dishes! We provide a same day service on all repairs, keeping you up to date with your favourite programmes.

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Having bought your fancy new flat-screen TV, you now want it installed in the perfect location! Contact Aerial Force today, and find out more about our wall bracket mounting service – helping you to achieve your home entertainment dreams.

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More about Margate History

Elsewhere, the town also has cultural attractions such as the Turner contemporary art gallery, which is also a key attraction for many visitors to the town. The Draper’s Mill Windmill, provides an education on Margate’s historical culture, and other attractions such as ‘Margate Museum,’ the ‘15th century estate museum’ and the ‘RAF Manston Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum’ provide visitors with a feel for how Margate used to be, and what it has been best known for in the past.

If you enjoy football, Margate FC play their home games at ‘Hartsdown Park’ in England’s Isthmian League Premier Division. For other leisure activities, visitors can explore ‘Margate Beach’ perhaps even going for a swim in the sea! Margate is well-known for its coastal resort and visitors often flock to the seaside when they get the chance.

When Margate visitors and residents are not outside enjoying the sea air, they still need to be entertained indoors, which is where Aerial Force come in. Installing a range of satellite and aerial services – as well as repairing and maintaining those that require some extra TLC – we are happy to work in homes and other premises in Margate to ensure that entertainment is available 24/7. Not only do we help on the entertainment side of things, but we also help your premises stay secure by offering a state-of-the-art CCTV system that links to devices. Aerial Force know that the people of Margate desire constant entertainment and amusement, and we do our best to help the town achieve that.