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Aerial Force in Norwich

Aerial Force Norwich Branch
171 Angel Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3HX, United Kingdom

Norwich is one of the biggest cities in England, and Aerial Force are happy to produce a level of service to the residents of Norwich which is synonymous with the high standards and trustworthy reputation that we have built for ourselves. As with all of the areas of England that Aerial Force cover, we offer a same day service for customers requiring TV and satellite repairs and installation, and the local service we offer is carried out by engineers who have a minimum of 5 years of experience working within the industry. We love to work within Norwich – a crucial part of England’s history – due to the important history and culture that it has created and maintained.

Located in East Anglia, Norwich is situated on the River Wensum and located in the county of Norfolk. It is often regarded as quite an isolated city, standing around 100 miles from London, however Ipswich, Peterborough, Bury St Edmunds and other surrounding towns and cities are not too far away.

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Satellite and Freesat

We can install, repair and service Sky, freeview and European satellites. Call us today to hear about how we can help you – we offer a same day service.

Aerial installation

Wherever you need your aerial placing, we can install it safely and securely. Our team of professionals have all been police checked meaning you don’t have to worry about having workers in your house.


Safety is of paramount importance and we can supply and install CCTV to suit your needs. The latest technology allows cameras to be accessed from a range of devices – call us today and we can get you a system as soon as possible.

Aerial and dish repairs

Not just installers, Aerial Force are also happy to repair your aerial or dish as necessary. Call us to get a same day callout.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

If you have a new TV, or are looking to re-locate one on some new brackets, call us and we will install it to the highest standards possible.

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We are so much more than your bog-standard aerial installers. Contact us today, whatever your aerial or satellite issue, and we will be happy to help.

History of Norwich

The formation of ‘Norwich’ and its complex history is made up from various accounts and not all of them are consistent! However, we are led to believe that in the 11th century, Norwich was the largest city in England after London, and was the capital of the most populous English county until the Industrial Revolution took place, which changed so much of British history!

Between the 5th and 7th Century, the Anglo-Saxons settled in the area now known as Norwich, and formed ‘Northwic,’ ‘Westwic’ and another settlement. It became a thriving focus for trade and commerce whilst under Anglo-Saxon ownership, until 1004 when it was raided and set fire to by a Viking king. The area burnt down.

According to the Domesday Book (1086), Norwich had a population of 5000 – 10000 people, and contained approximately 25 churches. Norwich Castle was built after the Norman conquest (which took place between 1066 and 1087) and not long afterwards (in 1096), the construction of Norwich Cathedral began. This was finally completed in 1145.

Between 1280 and 1340, city walls were built around Norwich, and these walls were larger than those surrounding London (measuring roughly 4 kilometres in total). Norwich had many years of happy trading and growing, but in 1549 a rebellion known as ‘Ketts Rebellion’ took control of Norwich for several weeks. They were thought to have Protestant ties, and became sympathetic to the town’s poor people.

St Peter Mancroft

Norwich has often been a place that is associated with different cultural backgrounds, and when the Flemings came to Norwich in the 16th Century (escaping the Spanish persecution), they bought with them textile working techniques and pet canaries which they began breeding in Norwich. Clearly the birds had an impact on the people of Norwich and its culture, as the football team (Norwich City FC) are nicknamed ‘The Canaries.’

The civilisation of Norwich grew from this time, and by the 18th century, the city had poor relief and contained a number of foreign refugees. Disputes, conflict and violence erupted however, largely bought about disputes concerning the political parties known as the ‘tories’ and the ‘whigs.’ In the 20th century, Norwich became famous for shoes, clothing, joinery and aircraft design, as well as chocolate (Caleys). During world war two, the city suffered severe damage caused by bombs – where it was heaviest in 1942. Breweries, shopping areas and factories were hit and destroyed.

Entertainment in Norwich

Aerial Force enjoy serving communities with as much history and culture as Norwich, and are happy to assist in different forms of entertainment and security as required. We install and repair different types of satellite and aerials, helping the community of Norwich stay in touch with their favourite programmes.

When outdoors in the city, there are many other attractions that interest residents and visitors. The cathedral still attracts tourists and residents today – especially those looking to re-connect with their history and culture. Other areas of natural beauty that can be found within Norwich include Eaton Park and Holt Country Park, in addition to Earlham Park. For people who love to visit the arts, Norwich Arts centre is a fantastic way to do this, and the Norwich Theatre Royal and Norwich Playhouse are other theatres.

Norwich is also famous for literary arts, and it became the first English city to be awarded the ‘city of literature’ title by UNESCO, when this was awarded in 2012.

Norwich is a great place to go, to experience bars and clubs and it also had a number of breweries until fairly recently. Nowadays the only breweries to be found in the city are known as ‘microbreweries’ though these have become fashionable around England.

Carrow Road is home to Norwich City Football Club, a club who have the famous celebrity cook Delia Smith as a shareholder. Visitors to Carrow Road can see the team playing in the ‘Championship’ though they have been in the Premiership within the last two seasons.

For residents of Norwich, home entertainment enables them to catch up with their favourite programmes, and watch ‘the canaries’ on Sky, when they are unable to visit Carrow Road. We have a number of services available, and each one is performed by an expert member of our highly-trained team.