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Aerial Force in Peterborough

Aerial Force’s coverage extends to the cathedral city of Peterborough, a city well-known to most of England’s population. Located in Cambridgeshire, towards the east of the British Isles, the city has a large population which was over 180,000 in 2011. Aerial Force are attempting to provide a service to the majority of England’s population, and a good sized portion of this is taken up when we take on large cities similar to Peterborough in size.

Peterborough’s history extends back as far as the bronze age, as an ancient settlement was found dating back to that period of time. When the Romans arrived in Britain, they made Peterborough a ‘fortified garrison town’ (during the 1st century AD) and this signifies Peterborough’s importance to British history.

During the civil war, the town was divided in terms of its loyalties. It did eventually become a market town before transforming into an industrial centre via the opening of the Great Northern Railway which ran from York to London, incorporating Peterborough along its route. And – as with many cities and towns around England – the railway meant many positive things for the city of Peterborough. During the 19th century, the city expanded rapidly and the population increased exponentially. Peterborough became known as an industrial centre for brick manufacture; Peterborough really placed itself on the map during this era!

World War two stunted the growth of many British cities, and Peterborough did not manage to expand during the period of destruction it lasted for. In fact, the slump lasted as long as 1960s when Peterborough was awarded ‘New Town’ status which resulted in a complete change to the city’s fortunes. This occurred in 1967 as Peterborough soaked up London’s overspill and Peterborough, as a result, rapidly grew in size.

Peterborough Cathedral

During the period in between 1971 and 1991, Peterborough’s population rose by over 45% – and as the years have progressed, the manufacturing industry is no longer the city’s main form of industry. Most of the new jobs that have become available in Peterborough are within the financial services and distribution sectors of industry.

Peterborough has had many famous people included among its residents, including the presenter Jake Humphrey, and footballer David Bentley. In comedy, Ernie Wise lived in Peterborough and in the world of music, JLS’s Aston Merrygold and Gizz Butt of the Prodigy both came from Peterborough.

Since that time, Peterborough has enjoyed a steady rise in its population and, therefore, the number of houses that have been built. There are further plans to expand Peterborough’s population and housing in the upcoming years, and the future looks very bright for the city.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force install and repair a variety of aerials and satellites, helping residents stay in touch with the latest programmes via Freeview and Sky. Our experts are all experienced in the trade (a minimum of 5 years of experience) and are therefore qualified to provide advice on other European satellites, to help you watch the programmes you want.

Aerial installation

Our same day service is an attractive proposition for many customers, and there is no job that is too big or too small for our expert engineers. If you need help with an aerial installation, contact us today. All of our installations help you to achieve the best location for your aerial – helping you receive the best picture possible.


If you need help with home security, we can supply and install a CCTV system which is manufactured utilising the latest in modern technology. The cameras can be linked to a range of devices, helping you keep tabs on your home when you are not there.

Aerial and dish repairs

Aerials and dishes often need repairing – but this is no consolation to you when you are half way through watching your favourite show! If you are in need of an urgent repair, contact us today and we will attend your premises immediately.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you have bought a new television, or want an older one re-locating, we can do the hard work for you. Contact us today and we will be right over to help you achieve your home entertainment dreams.

Find out more

To hear more about how Aerial Force can help you – contact us today. We are much more than your standard aerial installation service!

More about Peterborough

Aerial Force work with the residents of Peterborough to help them enjoy the very latest in home technology entertainment. Whether this be installing the latest satellite dish, or repairing an old aerial, we help residents stay up to date with their latest programmes by providing a first-class service. Offers such as having a free estimation on every new installation, in addition to the same day service we provide for repairs and call-outs (we attend site on the day we are contacted) help to keep the people of Peterborough entertained from the comfort of their own homes.

When residents and visitors explore the outdoor attractions, it is hard for the Peterborough Cathedral to go un-noticed. This large building, which was built in the 12th century has had to go through many restorations and extensions, but it is still an attractive site for any person who happens to wonder by.

The Nene Valley railway is another place that is often frequented by visitors of Peterborough, and provides a site of historical importance for them to explore. Furthermore, the Peterborough museum is another important place for visitors to learn more about Peterborough’s past. There is also a bronze age site which can still be accessed in Peterborough known as ‘Flag Fen’ so a weekend being educated in Peterborough’s past often includes a visit to all of these main attractions.

To see Peterborough’s current beauty, visitors will enjoy the ‘Ferry Meadows Country Park’ which has various different items of natural beauty such as lakes, riversides and meadows. Elsewhere, Elton Hall and Gardens merges the past with nature, and visitors enjoy a trip to this huge hall!

During the evening, Peterborough has plenty more attractions to interest visitors, such as the showcase cinema de lux and the Peterborough Greyhound stadium. If greyhound racing, and other sports are more your thing then Peterborough Football Club – who play their games in England’s third tier of football (league one) – are worth a watch. Peterborough FC play their home games at London Road.