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Aerial Force in Poole

Aerial Force enjoy working in some of the UK’s most beautiful locations, and the coastal town and seaport of Poole is high on the list of British tourist resorts that attract visitors from all around the world on a regular basis. Although the town of Poole in Dorset provides residents and visitors with ample opportunities to explore the outdoors, home entertainment is still vital – particularly within the winter months where the weather is less suited to outdoor life. We work with residents to ensure that their home entertainment systems are kept up to date, and this keeps them in touch with their favourite programmes and worldwide events.

We have a lot of people to serve in Poole, as the coastal town has a population of slightly under 150,000 (as of 2011) living under the Borough of Poole council. Of course, as with many of England’s most glamourous seaside towns, it also has a huge quantity of tourists that visit the area. Over the last 5 years, it has been estimated that approximately 373,000 per year visited Poole, an incredible number of tourists, both from other parts of England, and from other countries. Attractions such as the lighthouse, harbour, and beaches in Poole contribute to make it so popular.

As we look at Poole’s history, we can see that there is evidence of a settlement existing in the area from before the Bronze Age. It was inhabited by the Celts in the 3rd century, BC and the Romans took over control of the town in the 1st century AD. An important part of Poole’s history and culture is the wool trade, which was particularly prominent in the 12th century.

Wool continued to be a popular export from Poole as time progressed, and in the 15th century, Poole was awarded the ‘staple port’ status. Due to its location close to the sea, Poole enjoyed a large period of successful trading with the 16th century North American colonies, and it was able to benefit at a commercial level. In fact, trading was so good, that by the 18th century, Poole’s merchants were known for having a vast amount of wealth and Poole was one of the busiest ports within Britain.

Quay in Poole

During the Industrial Revolution, Poole (just like many of the huge cities and towns around England) grew substantially, and this was assisted by the railway which came to Poole in 1847. Due to an improvement in transport, a lot of people around Britain were able to travel to Poole to enjoy its sites and landscapes, and they were particularly attracted to Poole’s beaches.

Poole has always taken advantage of its location by the sea, and this was used to national benefit during the second world war. Supplies could be sent from Poole to England’s allied forces and this helped England’s cause during the war. Furthermore, the area was also used to help land aircrafts that had American troops. Due to the prominent role Poole played during the war, it was also bombed.

Poole has a large number of attractions for visitors, both natural and man-made. Of course, as with anywhere in the UK, it is wise for towns and places to ensure they have up to date home entertainment systems, for when the weather turns bad! Aerial Force provide a service to the residents of Poole that enables them to keep updated with many of the popular programmes and news stories that happen around the world, and visitors – no doubt – also need access to the television when they arrive.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force keep the people of Poole updated with the latest in entertainment from around the world, by installing a variety of television and satellite services such as Freesat and Sky. We are also experts when it comes to European satellites, so contact us today to find out what we recommend for you.

Aerial installation

Our same day service is popular around England, and we pledge to attend your premises on the day that we are contacted. No job is too big or too small for our aerial installers, who each have a minimum of 5-years experience working within the trade.


When you leave your premises, it is only naturally for you to want to ensure it is safe. The CCTV technology that we install links to your gadgets, giving you various options as to how you can monitor the security of your home.

Aerial and dish repairs

When external equipment is subjected to the weather, constantly repairing it can be a nuisance. If you need repairs doing to your aerial or dish, contact Aerial Force today and we will be out to sort your problems immediately.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you buy a new tele, you want to install it in the best place for you and your companions. Contact Aerial Force for assistance with TV wall bracket mounting, and we can help you achieve your home entertainment dreams.

Find out more

We are much more than your standard aerial and satellite installers. Contact us today, to see how we can help you, whatever your needs.

More about Poole

When outdoors, tourists are attracted to the Poole harbour which showcases some splendid, unique views across the sea. ‘Brownsea Island’ is an island situated within Poole harbour that also attracts visitors and adds character to the town’s personality. Other areas that showcase splendid parts of Poole’s unique coastal appearance include ‘Sandbanks’ beaches and ‘Poole Old Lighthouse Museum’ which allows visitors to learn about the town’s heritage.

Poole also has other attractions to interest visitors of all ages, such as ‘Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park’ which is particularly popular with families with children. Likewise, the ‘Splashdown Waterpark’ is another fun day out for children and adrenaline-fuelled teenagers who enjoy testing their confidence levels on large rides!

During the evening, the ‘Poole Greyhounds’ become a lively, bustling place for gamblers and people who simply want a fun night out! There is also a large variety of bars and restaurants within Poole and those overlooking the harbour are always popular with tourists (especially on a clear day!)