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Aerial Force in Rugby

The market town of Rugby is situated in Warwickshire – one of England’s most historical and famous counties. The birthplace of Rugby Football, jet engines and Lewis Carroll, Rugby is known all over the world for its innovation, literary achievements, and its high status in the field of Education. Close to the River Avon, Rugby is the second largest town within the county of Warwickshire (behind Nuneaton). It has an estimated population of over 70,000 people, whilst the borough of Rugby holds just over 100,000. Rugby is perhaps best known for its invention of the game ‘Rugby Football’ which started when an attendee of Rugby school started to cheat during a game of traditional football in 1823.

When they’re not busy inventing sports, or giving birth to famous novelists – residents of Rugby might be found catching up with their rugby team, or their latest programmes via their home entertainment systems. Aerial Force provide residents of Rugby with a service installing and repairing satellites and other aerials, in addition to CCTV and installation of televisions. Before we go into further detail regarding the services we can offer Rugby’s citizens, let’s look at some of the town’s history.

Rugby is said to have its roots back in the iron age, when Celtic people were settling in various locations around Britain. The location (overlooking the River Avon) made it a key location, as the river acted as a barrier between two Celtic tribes.

Rugby was recorded in the Domesday book of 1086 with the name ‘Rocheberie.’ The Vikings changed this to ‘Rokebi’ in around 1200, and then it became ‘Rugby’ by the 18th century. In 1255, it was known as a market town, and the appearance of the town (in terms of the streets and the position of the market) formed in medieval times reflects how it looks today.

Rugby is well known for its private school education, and this began in 1567 when the ‘Rugby School’ was founded via money left in Lawrence Sheriff’s will. Though the school was originally a school for boys, it grew into a fee-paying school and Lawrence Sheriff was acknowledged in the 19th century when the ‘Lawrence Sheriff School’ was founded. The educational side of Rugby is probably best known for its invention of the game Rugby football, by William Ellis.

Rugby’s population growth was instigated in 1840, when a railway junction was installed as part of the Birmingham to London route. This bought about an influx in workshops and rail yards which attracted many workers. Rugby’s population grew from around 2500 (in 1835) to 10000 (in the 1880s).

Regent Street in Rugby

The rise in population didn’t settle there! Rugby became an industrial city within the 1890’s and 1900’s and by the 1930s, the population had risen to around 40,000 people. To go from a small town to such a large one in a short space of time incurred many problems along the way – notably water shortages and sewerage problems. Rugby also had congestion problems and these were significant enough to be attacked during Charles Dicken’s 1866 novel ‘Mugby Junction.’

Since the 20th century, Rugby has grown into having a population of around 70,000 people, and it has withheld the traditions of the market town it grew with. There is a street market in Rugby which takes place on several days during the week, and this helps to create an atmosphere of community within Rugby. The town centre has also retained a lot of its heritage, and has mostly Victorian or early 20th century buildings.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force install sky, freeview and provide advice with other European satellites. Our same day service helps you stay connected with your favourite programmes, and we are happy to provide a free estimation for all new installations.

Aerial installation

We are happy to install almost any type of aerial – no job is too big or too small for our team of workers!


Protect your property (and items) with our top of the range CCTV installation. Using the latest in modern technology, we can install a system that hooks up to a number of different devices. This enables you to feel secure in your home.

Aerial and dish repairs

Aerials and dishes that have been installed for a number of years (or suffered severely bad weather) will need repairing eventually. Contact Aerial Force – the local service you can trust.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

Modern day flat-screen televisions can look great in your property. Unfortunately, they can also be a nightmare to install! Contact Aerial Force today, and you could be enjoying your fancy new box shortly.

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Contact us today, to find out how we can help you. Our engineers – who have a minimum of 5-years experience in the field – are eagerly awaiting your call!

More about Rugby

Unlike the levels of technological development in place when these buildings were built, many have – in more recent years – evolved and embraced contemporary technology. Aerial Force provide satellite and aerial installation, repair, and maintenance services to buildings across Rugby. Furthermore, we also provide buildings with CCTV and television installation where required. Rugby’s heritage needs to be protected, and residents need to be able to keep up with the television programmes and sporting events they know and love!

For instance, many of the restaurants and pubs located in Rugby have entertainment that shows the football and rugby, as well as other sporting events. Visitors love to have the option of eating and drinking in Rugby, before strolling the pedestrianised high streets such as ‘Sheep Street’ and ‘High Street.’ The ‘Clock Towers’ shopping centre provides visitors with an alternative, indoor shopping experience.

Rugby also has a number of interesting parks for people who prefer the outdoors, such as Caldicott Park. It also acknowledges some of the key residents that have helped Rugby become famous, and has 3 statues of Rupert Brooke (poet), Thomas Hughes (lawyer, judge, politician and author) and – of course – William Ellis (the inventor of Rugby Football). Elsewhere, visitors can attend the Art Gallery and Museum which holds works of contemporary art, Roman artefacts and the ‘world rugby hall of fame.’