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Aerial Force in Sheffield

Aerial Force Sheffield Branch
87 Lupton Road, Sheffield, S8 7NE, United Kingdom

Aerial Force provide courage to some incredible northern cities and Sheffield is right up there with the best that we serve. Residents of Sheffield can contact Aerial Force whenever they need help with aerial, satellite installation or repairs, and we work hard to ensure that a same day service is offered to the people of Sheffield when they have a job that needs doing.

The huge city and metropolitan borough of Sheffield has a population of over 500,000 (as of 2015) and has been reported as the third largest English district by population. It is situated on the River Sheaf, and has an international reputation for its production of steel in the 19th century. As with so many of England’s largest cities, Sheffield made a name for itself during the industrial revolution, and its population increased exponentially within this time.

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Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We install, repair and service aerials and satellites from all of the top brands including Sky and Freeview, as well as providing advice on European satellite stations. Contact us now, to get a free estimate on all installations.

Aerial installation

No matter the location, we can install your aerial safely and securely, so that you get the best picture possible. All installations are done by our expert team who have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry.


More than just your standard aerial installer, we also supply and install top of the range CCTV equipment. This gives you access to your cameras on a range of devices. Call us now to secure your home for the future.

Aerial and dish repairs

If your picture has gone, contact us and we will be round in no time! Repairing dishes is second nature to our engineers, and our same day service means that you won’t be away from your favourite programs for long.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

If you have just been shopping (maybe at Meadowhall?) and need some assistance installing your television, we provide a TV wall bracket mounting service. Not only will this get your television up and running, but it also looks great wherever it is going.

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We are happy to give you more information, and advice regardless of your aerial installation and repair requirements. Contact us today to find out more.

History of Sheffield

Officially entitled the ‘city of Sheffield’ in 1893, the city is unique in that 1/3 of the city is located within the peak district national park. 61% of Sheffield is known as ‘green space’ – an achievement that very few other major cities around the world can now claim to have. It is located within the eastern foothills of the pennines, which attracts a large number of tourists from around the world each year.

Unfortunately, the iron and steel industries suffered a huge decline in the 1970s and the 1980s, and many of Sheffield’s workers became unemployed. Automated working processes and imports caused Sheffield to lose many local members of staff, however more steel is produced now than previous years. Sheffield now focuses on a specialist type of steel.

Sheffield’s large population dates back to 1900, when – due to an increase in borders – it contained over 400,000 people. This was a period of significant change for Sheffield as the university was founded in 1905, and they built their first cinema in 1910. In 1916, Sheffield was targeted by the German Zeppelins, and the city was bombed. After the first world war was over, a recession followed, and severe unemployment, though this was also the era that many council houses were built.

Town Hall in Sheffield

During the second world war, Sheffield was once more targeted by German bombers and it has been reported that 589 people were killed by German bombing, and almost 3,000 homes were destroyed. Many residents from Sheffield were evacuated to more rural areas.

Throughout the middle of the 20th century, new council houses were built in Sheffield, and there was also a large number of immigrants that arrived in the city from Asia and West India. As some of Sheffield’s more traditional industries (e.g. cutlery, steel and iron) were in decline, Sheffield’s consumer culture was created, and many shopping centres appeared including Castle Market shopping centre (1959) and Meadowhall (1990). Sheffield was also put on the map in terms of transportation, and the city had their first trams in 1994, whilst the airport opened in 1997.

Entertainment in Sheffield

The city of Sheffield has made a name for itself in different ways, and its location has helped attract tourists from all over the world. The peak district national park (it has been suggested) attracts over 10 million people every year! For residents and visitors to the area, they get to witness an area of outstanding beauty, and walk for miles in the great outdoors. As Sheffield is relatively close to Manchester, however, it is always advisable to pack a raincoat when out walking!

For visitors or residents who prefer spending their money on materialistic items, Meadowhall is one of England’s most popular shopping centres, attracting nearly 20 million visitors within its first year of opening! As with most shopping centres, Meadowhall has many big named companies trading within its location, including Waterstones, WH Smith and Wetherspoons.

A city that has such a complex history has to showcase its heritage somehow. Sheffield has a range of museums that help it do just that, including ‘Western Park Museum,’ ‘Millenium Gallery’ and ‘South Yorkshire Transport museum.’ For other people who love to experience and immerse themselves within the city’s culture, Sheffield is also home to ‘Graves Art Gallery’ and ‘Peveril Castle,’ a castle dating back to the 11th century and overlooking the nearby village of ‘Castleton’ – officially located in Derbyshire.

Sheffield is also famous for its sporting venues. Visitors who enjoy watching football might choose to attend a championship match involving either Sheffield United or Sheffield Wednesday, who are set to participate in the same league as of the 2017/2018 season. Sheffield United play their games at Bramhall Lane, whereas Sheffield Wednesday play at Hillsborough, the venue of the tragic disaster that took place in 1989. For football at a lower level, Sheffield FC are known as being the world’s oldest football club. Sheffield is also the location for the ‘World Snooker Championship’ which takes place each year at the crucible. The championship is watched eagerly on television around the UK.

How Aerial Force can help 

Aerial Force are experts at assisting homes in the UK with their home entertainment systems. Some of the services we can offer follow.