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Aerial Force in Swindon

Aerial Force work closely with the people of Swindon – a town based in Wiltshire, in the South-West of England. The service that we provide to locals is of the highest quality, and promises such as our same day service and free estimates on all new installations are greatly valued. Our nation is made up of cities, towns and villages who each have unique characteristics, formulated by incredible people, culture and a historical story that adds to the UK’s multicultural society – making it one of the most popular places in the world to live and visit. Swindon adds an interesting chapter to that story.

Swindon’s growth in population over the last century has made it an exciting place to live, and its location gives it convenient access to the South, West and East of England – including cities like Oxford and London. In 1952, Swindon became an ‘expanded town,’ a title which hugely expanded the town’s population. The population and infrastructure of the city grew further after it was awarded this title, and in 1997 ‘Swindon Borough Council’ was formed giving it an independent status from ‘Wiltshire Council’ that it once belonged to. Big businesses reside in Swindon, for example the National Trust headquarters can be found on Kemble Drive.

Swindon’s growth and popularity in recent years has continued, and not gone un-noticed. In 2008, the town was named as one of the best places in Britain to buy a property, and it is likely that the town’s hand location contributed towards this accolade. Swindon’s history extends back much further than its recent growth, however.

In the early times, Swindon was the home of an Anglo-Saxon settlement which was based on the top of Limestone Hill – a place that offered settlers a good location to defend itself against enemies. It was known in the Domesday book as ‘Suindune.’ It grew into a key market town – and the location of today’s market is in the same place as it was originally though it is now known as ‘Old Town.’

The Industrial Revolution affected many British cities and towns, and Swindon was one such town. Swindon’s location once more benefitted them, and the town was lucky enough to have 2 canals which helped to bring trade, jobs and, therefore, an increase in the population. Furthermore, in 1841 – 1842, Swindon came to be known as a railway town, due to the works that were built for the repair and maintenance of locomotives on the Great Western Railway.

The workers that fled to the works were cared for in a new and unique way, having parts of their wages transferred into a separate fund to pay for their healthcare. This novel way of aiding workers was similar to the way in which people make National Insurance contributions today. In 1978, the fund was extended to pay for dental surgeries, and in 1892 a health centre was opened. When attending the doctor, patients could be prescribed an interesting range of treatments including a haircut or a bath!

Christ Church

Swindon’s innovation did not stop there. Wanting to care for its citizens and their education, the town set up the UK’s first lending library, to help people read and write – leading to enhanced prospects. The group behind this project were known as ‘The new Swindon improvement company.’ In 1900, Swindon grew as a town, when they merged the ‘old Town’ market with the ‘New Town’ to become singular.

A mixture of internal and external activities await visitors to Swindon, or serve to entertain existing residents. Aerial Force help the activities that exist within homes and buildings, by installing aerials and satellites in locations that want to receive the latest news, entertainment programmes or sporting events. We have a national reputation, but cater to the unique requirements of Swindon’s residents by having a local service.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We install the best in home entertainment services, and are trained to install all the most popular brands such as Sky and Freesat. Due to our wealth of experience, we can also offer advice with other European satellites.

Aerial installation

No job is too big or too small for our engineers, and we install a range of aerials to help you achieve the best picture possible. Our same day service promise helps you to get what you need, as soon as you need it.


We install a top-of-the-range CCTV system that links directly to your devices. This allows you to feel safe, and helps to secure your home when you’re not there.

Aerial and dish repairs

Aerials and dishes require repair over time. If you are having problems, contact Aerial Force, and take advantage of our same day service so that you can get back on track with your favourite shows.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

If you feel stressed about installing your new flat screen tele, contact Aerial Force. We can install your wall brackets for you, saving you the trouble. We offer much more than an aerial and satellite installation service!

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More about Swindon

For people wanting to explore Swindon outdoors, they can attend ‘Swindon Museum’ in order to learn more about Swindon’s past. Other museums which can be found in the town, include the ‘Museum of Computing’ and the ‘Steam Museum of the Great Western Railway’ which educates visitors in a key part of Swindon’s past.

Lovers of art can visit ‘Swindon Art Gallery’ which features a stunning selection of 20th century art from British painters. People who like to walks and enjoy life outdoors can go for a stroll around ‘Coate Water Country Park,’ ‘Cotswold Water Park’ or ‘Lydiard Park’ and this is the backdrop behind some stunning and unique views of the best that nature has to offer. As previously mentioned, Swindon also hosts the National Trust Headquarters known as ‘Heelis.’

If you love to shop, then the ‘Swindon Designer Outlet’ is for you, helping you to look stylish with some classy labels. For youngsters who want to expend some energy, the ‘ATB Shop Skate Warehouse’ is an indoor skate park, helping you to improve your skills!