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Aerial Force in Tamworth

Aerial Force are happy to provide the people of Tamworth with our high-quality installation and repair service for satellites and aerials, in addition to providing CCTV technology. We love to work in some of the UK’s thriving towns, and Tamworth is no exception.

The historic town of Tamworth lies approximately 14 miles north-east of Birmingham and is close to a number of counties including Warwickshire and Staffordshire. Tamworth is a market town, keeping hold of its traditional values and industries, whilst maintaining a pleasant, community atmosphere.

The name Tamworth, comes from the River Tame – the river which runs through the town. As of 2011, Tamworth had a population of approximately 76,000 people – the majority of whom will require satellite and aerial installation or repair at some point in their lives! The large population makes Tamworth the second largest settlement area in Staffordshire, behind Stoke-On-Trent.

Tamworth’s history dates back to the Roman times, when the ‘Coritani’ tribe were situated in or near to Tamworth. Tamworth was set up next to the Roman Road, now in Watling Street. When the Anglo-Saxons from Germany came to Britain, they set up camp in an open meadow that was located next to the river Tame. The Anglo-Saxon group called themselves the ‘Tomsaete’ which translates as ‘tame-settlers.’ Tamworth was known as the ‘royal centre’ and was under rule by King Penda.

During the medieval years, an 11th century Norman castle was built in Tamworth – a castle that remains to this day! Later on, during the middle ages, Tamworth was known as a small market town, and a market still takes place in Tamworth. The castle and the market are clearly important parts of Tamworth’s heritage, and the people of Tamworth have been successful in retaining the traditions of the past.

Tamworth Castle

Tamworth’s resilient history can also be demonstrated by looking at how quickly they recovered from a huge fire that burnt large parts of the town in 1345. The town quickly reinforced itself, and grew in size afterwards. More disasters threatened the survival of Tamworth in the 16th and 17th century when the town was hit with instances of the plague, but each time the town reinforced itself and grew. Tamworth has clearly had its share of disasters, and know how to defeat the odds with their resident’s never-say-die attitude!

During the 18th and 19th centuries, as with many of the UK’s largest towns and cities, Tamworth grew exponentially. This was largely due to the Industrial Revolution, and Tamworth’s part in this was concerned with the growth of the coal mines and also the link with the canal network. Tamworth’s population grew substantially and they had the first council houses to be built in Tamworth were done so in 1900.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Aerial Force help the residents of Tamworth keep updated with their favourite programmes and sporting events. We install a variety of satellite and freesat services, and provide advice with European satellite too. We cover the mainstream services such as Sky and Freeview, amongst others.

Aerial installation

We love a challenge, and getting up on high roofs does not phase our team of experts! For installation of aerials – regardless of height and size – contact Aerial Force, the local company with a national reputation!


When out enjoying Tamworth’s attractions, people want to ensure they have left their house secure. The state-of-the-art CCTV cameras installed by Aerial Force link to your gadgets so that you can always ensure the house is being monitored wherever you are.

Aerial and dish repairs

Dishes and aerials require regular repair. Aerial Force are keen to repair these as quickly as possible, and offer a same day callout facility for customers.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy a new flat-screen television, but cannot install it in the location you have planned for it? Contact Aerial Force, and we will help you with wall bracket mounting, helping you get the best programmes in the best place of your home.

Find out more

So much more than just an aerial installation company, Aerial Force can help you with a wide range of problems. Contact us now to find out more!

More about Tamworth

After the war, Tamworth grew even more as a result of west midlands conurbation growing towards Tamworth. In fact, the size of Tamworth nearly doubled after the second world war as the town’s population grew from roughly 7000 in 1931, to approximately 13,000 just after the war ended.

Today, Tamworth is known for industries such as engineering, clothing, paper manufacturing and logistics, but there is more about Tamworth than simply employment. The town has the ‘Snowdome’ which is visited by people all around the world. The Snowdome has an indoor ski slope to help potential skiers and snowboarders learn the skills before they hit the snowy slopes.

Drayton Manor Theme Park is also located closely to Tamworth, and our engineers love to hear stories from our customers about some of the rides that residents of Tamworth enjoy riding! Once more, Drayton Manor Theme Park also attracts visitors from all over the world, and is often jam-packed full of people who cannot wait to try the latest rollercoaster!

Of course, when Tamworth’s residents have finished seeking adrenaline for the day, they return to the comfort of their own homes, to be entertained privately. Aerial Force are happy to help out, installing televisions, aerials and satellites as required, to keep the residents of Tamworth updated with the programmes they enjoy watching.

Then, when the next day begins, many people will visit some of Tamworth’s other attractions such as the Ash End House Children’s Farm, Middleton Hall or Middleton Lakes. For more excitement and adventure, people love to try out ‘Daytona Tamworth’ which is a circuit for karting where visitors can race their friends. Tamworth also has the ‘Jump Xtreme’ for people wishing to expend their energy on trampolines or playing other games such as basketball and dodgeball. Alternatively, ‘Statfold Barn Railway’ is good for train enthusiasts, though it is not usually open to the general public.

Aerial Force love to hear stories about towns retaining their heritage, and the Tamworth street market is a place that must be visited when one attends the town. Open on a Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, the market has over 100 stalls – something for everyone!