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Aerial Force in Wallington

Aerial Force do not just serve the major cities in the UK, we are also happy to cover smaller towns such as Wallington. Located in the borough of Sutton, Wallington is a beautiful area that staff from Aerial Force love to visit. If you are looking for a company that performs TV aerial repairs, or are looking for a trustworthy organisation that installs satellite enabling you to watch Sky or even European satellite stations, Aerial Force are the people for you! All of our staff have over 5 years of experience within the trade, and have been police checked so that your safety is not compromised when we attend your house.

We are proud to serve Wallington, a town with Sutton – one of the top performing boroughs for education. Not far from Britain’s capital city, Wallington comes from the Anglo-Saxon, ‘Waletone’ which means ‘village of the Britons.’ Wallington has a rich history, and has monuments and memorials that demonstrate their traditional values – preserving the memory of lost ones.

Wallington makes an appearance in the Domesday book of 1086, during which time, the city was held by William the Conqueror. During these times, Wallington had two mill ponds and – although the buildings have been demolished – the pond remains which is known as the ‘Grange boating lake.’

In 1847, a new railway station was due to be opened in nearby Carshalton, however they did not want the station to be located actually in Carshalton. As a result, it was situated in Wallington. When the railway station was built, it kick-started a new look within Wallington. In the 1860s, a new housing estate was built, consisting of gothic revival villas.

Since 1902, there is an annual procession which runs through Wallington. At this procession, a ‘May Queen’ is announced, selected from a group of three-year-old girls who join as ‘fairies.’ A year later, they become, ‘attendants to the queen.’ They progress to become ‘crown bearers,’ ‘banner bearers’ and finally ‘princesses’ where they become eligible to be ‘May Queen’ at the age of 9 years old. This tradition still takes place today, and demonstrates Wallington’s values in holding on to tradition.

Until ‘World War One,’ Wallington was a centre for the production for lavender oil – an important part of the town’s agriculture within the early 19th and 20th centuries. After ‘World War One’ the importance diminished, but the community of Wallington saw fit to commemorate and hold lavender in its memory. A lavender plant sculpture was installed in 1999, and one of the lavender farmer’s names has been given to a local pub in the area to help hold the memory. In addition, the town has Christmas lights that have the lavender plant as one of their shapes, and the scout groups within Sutton have a lavender plant as their logo.

Wallington’s traditions are a deep part of their community, and this can also be shown by the memorial unveiled in 1922, for those who lost their lives during the first world war. In 1949, the memorial was altered to include the members of Wallington who lost their lives during the second world war.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Sky is one of the world’s most popular home entertainment services. We can install Sky for you, in addition to freeview and other European satellites of which we are happy to provide our expert advice.

Aerial installation

For any type of aerial installation, rely on Aerial Force’s years of expertise and training. All our staff members are police checked – there is no need to contact any other business!


Aerial Force are happy to provide and install the latest in CCTV technology. Access cameras from a number of different devices, ensuring that you remain constantly safe.

Aerial and dish repairs

We don’t just install new equipment – we are also happy to repair aerials and dishes as required. Contact us now and we could be out to see you today.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

If you are having problems installing / re-locating a flat-screen television, contact Aerial Force today and we will send someone round.

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Contact Aerial Force today to obtain a free estimate on installation, and to discuss any work that you need doing. Whatever your situation, we are here to help.

Entertainment in Wallington

Wallington is a lovely town to visit, and visitors are given the chance to witness the memorials, pubs and other traditions that Wallington is famous for. It has grown in recent years to include a number of shops and other forms of entertainment. In a small town like Wallington, home entertainment is especially important, which is why Aerial Force are happy to provide coverage to those houses who need satellite or other aerials installed and serviced. We are happy to work with the community of Wallington, helping them to fulfil their home entertainment needs.

When visiting Wallington, other forms of entertainment include the farmers market which takes place every second Saturday of the month either outside the town hall, or a car park in Shotfield. There are shops and cafes from some of the world’s biggest outlets such as Caffe Nero, Tesco Express, WH Smiths, Boots, Dorothy Perkins and Pizza Express. To meet housing demand, flat developments have also taken place since the start of the millennium, completing in 2010, 2013 and 2015 respectively.

For culture vultures, there is a public library located in the district of Shotfield, and from May 2014 a small independent theatre was opened at the Brook café. Independent theatres are often symbolic of an independent town that sits apart from the main towering cities surrounding them, and it is hoped that the theatre will thrive.

For the outdoor type, there are a variety of parks including Grange Gardens, Mellows Park and Beddington Park, the latter of which covers an area of almost 100 acres. The River Wandle flows through here adding to the peace and tranquillity of the town.

Indoor entertainment – as with almost anywhere in the world – comes from televisions and satellites. Aerial Force have a number of services to help the residents of Wallington. Contact us now to resolve your home entertainment needs!