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Aerial Force in Westgate on Sea

Aerial Force have a number of seaside towns amongst the areas we cover, and we are proud include Westgate-On-Sea upon that list. Homes in these seaside towns often need aerials and satellites repairing and replacing due to the inclement weather conditions they are often subjected to. We are happy to provide locals with a service that comes immersed in the quality of our national reputation. Our same day service, and free estimations on all new installations extend to Westgate-On-Sea, and we are happy to serve the entire population of Westgate-On-Sea, as and when required. Home entertainment is important for homes and businesses around all areas of the UK, and this is equally true of residents in Westgate-On-Sea as it is for cities like London and Manchester.

Our engineers love visiting seaside towns like Westgate-On-Sea and its smaller population (just 6,996 as of 2011) is equally in need of satellite and aerial services as anywhere. Bordering Margate, Westgate-On-Sea is popular with visitors in the summer months, because of its sandy beaches – and the town has enjoyed some growth through its history. It is also famous in a number of areas, for its involvement during the first world war and our engineers enjoy attending homes around the region so that they can listen to stories from locals who are loyal to the area.

Westgate-On-Sea is perfect for people who enjoy a relatively quiet life, though the town has grown in popularity since the 1860s when it held a small farming community. Since that time, 2 sandy beaches in particular have attracted visitors and new residents to the area, and as it is situated so close to Margate, Westgate-On-Sea makes an ideal day trip for people who want to escape from the noisier town that Westgate-On-Sea neighbours.

Westgate-On-Sea is known as being the location for the Royal Naval Air service which helped to defend the Thames estuary during the first world war. This helped to put the town on the map, and played an important part in England’s role within the war. Had the Thames estuary been damaged further, England’s forces may have struggled to defend and attack the enemy base, so Westgate-On-Sea can be proud of its performance in helping us to become the nation that we are today.

Westgate centre

Remains of a Roman village were found in the early 20th century, suggesting its location was resided within thousands of years ago. Little is known about Westgate-On-Sea since that time, though we do know that it had a much smaller community before the middle of the 19th century. It contained a farm, a few cottages and a coastguard station. Judging on the way towns and cities around England have grown so vastly, we like to imagine that Westgate-On-Sea was a beautiful, quiet location back during those days, where people didn’t have to worry about the threat of war or anything else ruining their tranquillity.

In the late 1860s, Westgate-On-Sea came to become known as a popular seaside resort for the upper and middle classes looking for a restful retreat. When the railway station came to the area in 1871, the population soon started to expand and by 1901, there were over 2,500 people living in the town. It is possible that the visits the upper and middle classes helped raise the town’s profile, and potentially made the prospect of living in Westgate-On-Sea an attractive one! Westgate-On-Sea has two parish churches which were built in and around the 19th century.

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

We install different types of satellites and freesat services, including Sky and Freeview. However, we like to offer extra, and our expert engineers can now also provide advice with European satellites.

Aerial installation

If you are struggling to get a good picture, contact us and we will install your aerial in the best possible location for you. Our engineers have at least 5-years of experience, so take advantage of this and the knowledge they have accumulated!


When enjoying the sites of Westgate-On-Sea, it is important that you feel safe about the home you have left behind. Our CCTV technology is the latest and highest-quality possible meaning that you can pick up CCTV on a range of devices.

Aerial and dish repairs

Seaside towns are open to the elements, and the aerials and dishes installed in Westgate-On-Sea are prone to damage. Contact us if you need your aerial or dish repairing, and we will be round to get you back on track with your favourite shows immediately.

TV Wall Bracket mounting

After you have bought a new tele, installation problems can become frustrating! We will install your flat-screen tele via our wall bracket mounting service. Give us a call and struggle no more!

Find out more

We are a lot than a standard installation and repair service. Contact us today, to see how we can help you fulfil your home entertainment desires.

More about Westgate on Sea

For visitors to Westgate-On-Sea, there is a wide choice of activities to do. In contrast to many smaller towns around the UK, it does have an enjoyable nightlife with bars like ‘CC’s lounge bar,’ helping attract lovers of night-time entertainment! Furthermore, ‘The Swan’ and the ‘Bake and Alehouse’ provide more traditional public houses providing food as well as an opportunity to make friends with the locals. For those requiring a less noisy night out, the ‘Carlton Cinema’ has regular showings of top films.

Where Westgate-On-Sea should really be enjoyed, however, is outdoors. The town has ‘West Bay beach’ and ‘St Mildred’s Bay’ within its parameters, and these provide some restful recovery and some splendid sites for visitors to enjoy. If you are interested in leisure activities, the surroundings can still be enjoyed at ‘Westgate-On-Sea and Birchington Golf Club’ or the putting green located next to St Mildred’s bay. There are also tennis courts situated next to the same place. In addition, the ‘Westgate-On-Sea pavilion’ also provides some lovely views for visitors and locals.

That said, it is not possible for residents or visitors to spend all of their time outdoors! Aerial Force work with homes and other types of premises to provide home entertainment of the highest quality. We install a range of aerials and satellites so that locals can enjoy the best that television has to offer, after they have enjoyed a busy day exploring the sites.