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Aerial Force in Wimbledon

Aerial Force love to work in some of the UK’s most famous regions and are proud to present our connection with the residents of Wimbledon! Wimbledon is an area of England that evokes happy memories such as strawberries and cream on a hot summer’s afternoon. It hosts one of the four major tennis tournaments that take place in the world, and is situated near to the country’s capital – just 7 miles (approximately) Southwest of London’s city centre. For residents who are unable to attend one of the greatest tennis tournaments on our planet (if not the greatest), it is imperative that they are able to follow it on their televisions. Aerial Force ensure that the people of Wimbledon are able to do just that, by installing, repairing and maintaining aerials and satellites around the region.

We are much more than aerial and satellite servicers, however. Before we attend places like Wimbledon, we like to immerse ourselves in the history and past traditions of the area. In so doing, we are able to offer a better customer experience – something that we are passionate about creating. Research always brings up a plethora of interesting information, and these are added to by the stories we enjoy hearing when we attend the homes around Wimbledon.

Wimbledon’s population was just over 68,000 in 2011, and has become a popular place for people to live. However, the number of people who visit the region over the tennis tournament is extortionate, so Wimbledon must ensure that it has a range of attractions and services for visitors to use and enjoy.

Wimbledon – now known as a district – has been inhabited since the iron age. When it was a village, Wimbledon was a stable rural population which helped it to develop. This was aided by the nobility and wealthy merchants that resided in the village

As times, transport and technologies changed, Wimbledon followed suit and a railway was opened by the London and South Western Railway in 1838 towards the South east of the village. As with many districts and areas around the UK, Wimbledon changed dramatically in the second of the 19th century, and the population went from being under 2700 in 151, to have a 60% increase during each decade until about 1901! This extraordinary rise in population aided the commercial and civic development of the district significantly.

Wimbledon Town Centre

The rise in population had to mean changes to how Wimbledon was structured within the UK economy, and in 1894, the village became a small town having an elected council which made the area become known as ‘Wimbledon Urban District.’ As times progressed, buildings within Wimbledon were changed and new, modern structures arose such as a new town hall, made from red bricks and Portland stone.

What has undoubtedly helped place Wimbledon on the map, however, is the tennis championships that began in 1877. This was when the first lawn tennis championship was held in the (then) village, though the first sport to be played in the area was croquet! Wimbledon had to change the sport due to contemporary tastes, and Wimbledon have never looked back!

Services We Offer

Satellite and Freesat

Residents of Wimbledon need access to their favourite channels and programmes, and Aerial Force are expert installers of products such as Sky and Freeview. We can also offer advice on European satellites so take advantage of the knowledge we have built up.

Aerial installation

Our engineers are experts at installing different types of aerials, and all new prospective installations can receive a free estimate.


When you leave home, you can feel secure if you have a CCTV system installed by Aerial Force! We supply and install the latest in CCTV technology – the system hooks up to your gadgets, allowing you to check on your premises.

Aerial and dish repairs

Your aerial or dish will inevitably require repair from time to time. When this happens, contact Aerial Force and take advantage of our same day service. No job is too big or too small for our repair team!

TV Wall Bracket mounting

When you have a new TV, you want it to be installed in the best possible location. Contact Aerial Force for assistance with this – we have the skills and the tools needed to install or relocate your flat-screen box!

Find out more

We offer a lot more than a standard satellite or aerial installation service. Contact us now, to find out more about how we can help you.

More about Wimbledon

Aside from Wimbledon, there are a variety of other attractions that visitors and residents can enjoy. However, if residents are unable to attend the games, they can watch on a television providing they are set up with a suitable aerial or satellite system. Aerial Force work to provide locals with the channels and services that they require, by installing, repairing and servicing the equipment when needed. We also help homes stay safe and secure, by installing state-of-the-art CCTV cameras.

Tennis is a large part of Wimbledon’s culture, and not only do people love to visit the championships, but the ‘Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum’ showcases some of the events historic memories from the past. When it is not in use, there are ‘All England Lawn Tennis Club Tours’ so that visitors can get a taste of what it is like for the world’s greatest tennis players ‘behind the stage.’

Aside from tennis, however, the ‘Wimbledon and Putney Commons’ are areas of greenery for residents and visitors to enjoy spending time, surrounded by the natural landscape. This can also be experienced within ‘Cannizaro Park’ which depicts nature at its finest as well as being home to some of nature’s most rare and beautiful plants.

There is also a lot of local culture in Wimbledon, including ‘Wimbledon village’ ‘Southside House’ and the ‘Wat Buddhapadipa Temple’ which is a Buddhist monastery. Just viewing this monastery provides a breath-taking experience for visitors, and its splendid architecture will wow you!

The Wimbledon museum of local history gives an education into the district’s past, and sends you right back in time as you imagine what life was like years ago. After you have exhausted during the day, you can relax and enjoy watching a performance at the ‘Polka Theatre.’