Aerialforce offer an expert, often same day, service for Sky TV dish installations and Sky TV multiroom installations.

We are specialists at installing Sky TV systems where other companies cannot, and have always found solutions for Sky TV installation challenges to the satisfaction of our clients.

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Been told you can't have Sky TV?

Our engineers are experts in difficult Sky TV installations. They have special heights training, and can usually successfully install Sky TV where many other companies can’t. So if you want Sky TV but have been told it can’t be installed, give us a call now.

About Sky TV

Sky TV gives you access to hundreds of satellite channels and programmes, all broadcast in fantastic digital quality. You can choose from a variety of monthly subscription television packages available, each of which can be tailored to suit your viewing requirements.

Interactive TV on Sky lets you take part in TV programmes, play games, make purchases and even send text messages and emails, all through your TV set.

Pause, rewind and record TV with Sky+

Just like Freeview+ and Freesat+, Sky+ lets you pause, rewind and fast forward digital TV shows live.
You can also record your favourite TV shows while you’re out, ensuring you never miss a programme again. You can even set your Sky+ receiver to record an entire series at the press of a button.
If you want to switch to Sky+, you’ll need an upgrade to your Sky mini dish and a new Sky+ receiver. Just give us a call and we can help.

Fantastic picture quality with Sky HD

Sky HD is the ultimate viewing experience, providing almost life-like viewing and Sky+ recording facilities.
With Sky HD you’ll enjoy four times greater picture clarity, sharper, more vibrant colour and images. Many digital high definition programmes also have surround sound.
To receive Sky HD you’ll need a Sky HD receiver box and HD compatible digital TV.


Our Engineers


Rory O’Sullivan

Satellite TV Engineer

I have been an aerial/satellite engineer for 10 years covering a vast amount of systems along the way from domestic aerial satellite installs to large scale communal systems consisting of multiple satellites and TV aerial integrated set ups. I have good experience of European satellite systems, home cinema set up’s & imp TV systems too.


James Fripp

Aerial Engineer

I’ve have been in the aerial and satellite Industry for approximately 19 yrs. I have installed a wide range of television aerials and satellites systems, also foreign satellite systems such as Hot bird etc. I have extensive knowledge of my local area so I would be always capable of providing a suitable digital system which would give all my customers trouble- free viewing.


Apply Now

Aerial / Satellite Engineer

We are accepting applications for both employed and self-employed installers. Previously worked for us, then get in touch. We are happy to hear from all previous employees. We offer a new industry leading package with a great working environment.