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Free Estimates for new installations

Free Estimates*

Labgear TV Aerial

Aerial Installation in Devon

We offer Free Estimates for all new TV aerial installations in Devon for both residential and commercial clients, and can typically attend your property within hours of your telephone call.

All estimates are provided completely free of any charge, and you are under no obligation to have any work carried out.

All new TV aerial installations are backed by our 1 year parts and labour warranty. We guarantee great reception on all installations, and in the unlikely event you experience signal issues after installation, we would be more than happy to return.

TV Aerial Repairs in Devon

One of the biggest inconveniences that could happen is for your aerial to break down. What exactly will you do with your free time when there’s no TV? However, there is no need to worry as you can easily call Aerialforce for same-day Aerial repairs.

Yep. You read that right! 

With Aerialforce, you don’t have to wait too long for repairmen to come to your place. Thanks to our local force in Devon, we will try our best to fix your aerial within the same day of your call. 

Satellite Dish Fitting
Sa Dish Engineer

Freeview / BT Vision Aerials

Having many years of experience with installing Freeview aerials, our professional aerial installers can make ways for you to get the best TV reception in your house.

 All our Freeview aerial installations are backed by our 1-3 year standard parts and labour warranty, and aligned with a state of the art digital signal meter to guarantee the best reception no matter where you live!

Are you looking forward to BBC’s TV adaptation of the best-selling novel This is Going to Hurt? Or what about ITV’s adaptation of Booker Prize winner J.G. Farrell’s novel The Singapore Grip? Films and TV shows never fail to bring people together. With around 60 to 70 channels depending on your location, Freeview offers a chance for you to explore your tastes and tickle your imagination. 

It might not come as a surprise today that Freeview is the UK’s digital terrestrial TV service that offers the most popular TV and radio channels. Prior to this, people can only watch five channels picked up by standard TV. When Freeview shifted to digital in 2012, people are now gifted with more options. Today, there are 60 to 70 channels with around 15 HD channels that you can choose from, depending on your location. With their recent set-top boxes like Freeview Plus or HD, you can record and view shows in higher definition. With different boxes available, you can talk to us to figure out which one works best for you.

cctv system

CCTV Engineers in Devon

Aerialforce have CCTV installations engineers and technicians in Devon that are fully trained and qualified to provide the best quality workmanship and advice regarding your CCTV. Each installation we make is tailored towards your security requirements, as well as your budget and business restrictions. Rest assured that all of our equipment and materials are top of the line in quality.

If you want to learn the different specifications and features of each security system, we recommend booking an appointment with us. During our call, we can figure out which type works best for your home and offer free quotations. 

Afterwards, we set a time and a date and ensure that our job is done within the day. Once you have chosen which system to install, we can set a date and time for our installation. Should the issue be an emergency, we guarantee that our installations engineer will be at your doorstep within one to three hours of your call. That way, your day-to-day routine does not miss a single beat.

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Some Of Our Services

TV Aerial Installations

Aerialforce engineers are available in Devon to help take the stress out of your aerial, satellite, & CCTV issues

Aerial Repair Services

Our repair and servicing engineers are fully equipped to tackle any signal problems you might be experiencing.

Satellite TV Engineers

We offer free quotations for all new dish installations, and can attend your property on the same day of your phone call.

Here is a range of some of the TV aerial and satellite
services the we offer in Devon

Digital Aerial Installations
BBC/ITV Freesat Installations
Dish Realignments
Sky Installations
CCTV Installations
Door entry systems
European Satellite
Multi – Room Installations
Freeview Installations
Sky + Installations
High Definition Installations

Non Standard Installations
Discreet Cabling & Dish positioning
Dish Resites
Dish Realignments
Foreign Satellite Installations
No Height Restrictions
TV Aerial Installations
Satellite Broadband
Home Cinema Installations
TV Wall Hanging Specialists

Why Use Aerialforce?

We offer a Same Day service throughout Devon. We are able to do this as we have locally employed installers. Rest assured that all of Aerialforce’s employees have a minimum of 5 years of work experience in the Aerial and Satellite Home Entertainment Industry. To guarantee our clients’ safety, we check the criminal records of our applicants before deciding on whether we hire them or not.

When a tv signal issue arises, there’s really only one number to call: ours. From aerial repairs, TV Wall Mounting, Satellite Dish installation or home security CCTV setups, contact us to get them sorted out in the quickest time possible.

While we value having the right knowledge and expertise to do the job well, we also believe that taking care of our customers is just as important. As we want to meet your needs to the best of our ability, our engineers and technicians make sure to guide you every step of the way.

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Local Information On Devon

Devon or Devonshire is a county in South West England with the Bristol Channel bordering its northern side and the English Channel bordering its souther side. Taking its name from the word Dumnonia, the place was once the homeland of the Dumnoli Brittonic Celts. As language evolved, the “m” shifted to “v”, thus transforming the Celtic territory to Devon. As it is bordered by bodies of waer, its coastlines are scenic, featuring rocky cliffs and sandy shores.

Free Estimates for new installations

Free Estimates*