BBC Freesat with High Definition

BBC Freesat was launched in spring 2008, and was set to provide the UK with a greater variety and choice of superb digital television channels.

BBC Freesat, launched by both the BBC and ITV, is available to approximately 95% of the United Kingdom, via a mini satellite dish installed at your home. Currently, the BBC Freesat service provides around 80 digital tv and radio channels, and it has been announced, that by the year 2009, there will be upto 200 free digital channels available. The service surpasses the channel line-up available from Freeview, and will be in direct competition with the Sky Freesat service, which has been available for numerous years.

Like most digital television services, the BBC Freesat system will provide increased user interaction, allowing viewers to take part in interactive TV shows. The system also comes complete with a digital channel guide, providing you with instant access to find out when your favourite shows are being shown!
One of the most exciting features, and one of the many reasons why it is fast becoming the United Kingdoms choice for digital TV, is the addition of FREE HIGH DEFINITION channels. Providing you have a High Definition, (HD) compatible BBC Freesat receiver, and HD television, you will be able to receive your shows in glorious high definition, with increased picture quality, crispier images, and more, vibrant colours. Furthermore, unlike the Sky Digital High Definition service, HD from BBC Freesat is and will remain FREE, forever. There are no monthly subscriptions and no hidden charges!

But it doesn’t end there! Available from November 2008, will be the new BBC Freesat HD PVR digital receiver, allowing home viewers to pause, rewind, fast forward live TV, very much like the Sky+ Service already available. You will also be able to record any channel available, direct to your Freesat receiver. Again, there are no plans that there will be any charge or fee for this service.

If you are looking to receive digital tv, want a broad channel line up, and are interested in receiving high definition channels, then the service provided by BBC Freesat could well be the answer!

Aerialforce are experts are supplying and installing BBC Freesat satellite systems. We also specialise in Digital Aerials, Sky, Sky+, Sky HD and Multiroom, European & Motorised satellite systems. For further information, or free advice, please do not hesitate to contact us

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