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IP CCTV Installations

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IP 1080p HD-CCTV

IP CCTV systems represent the next generation in CCTV technology. Unlike traditional Analogue CCTV cameras that capture images and audio directly, IP CCTV converts images and audio into digital data that can then be transmitted over an internet network to an authorized remote viewing device (e.g. a PC, Smartphone, or Tablet).

Using IP CCTV over traditional Analogue CCTV provides the following benefits:

Increased Flexibility

Rather than having to have a recording device installed at each location where you use CCTV, IP CCTV cameras can transmit the images and audio to a remote viewing location where it can be viewed, recorded and managed. IP CCTV can transmit over Local Networks (i.e. your home or office network), or across the Internet (for e.g. if you are at home and want to view the live CCTV footage at your business premises).

Easier Installation

Whereas Analogue cameras require extensive wiring and physical connections to the recording device, IP CCTV cameras are much simpler to install since they are connected to your existing network. This reduces the number of unsightly cables and lessens any disruption to your work envrionment.

Superior images and sound quality

IP Cameras provide highly-detailed Megapixel resolution images that far surpasses the quality of images captured by Analogue cameras – such superlative picture and sound quality is only possible due to the digital nature of the IP technology. The level of quality and detail provided by IP CCTV cameras means you may even be able to reduce the number of separate CCTV cameras you need to cover a particular area.

Integration with other security systems

IP CCTV integrates tightly into your existing network, and because it uses an established protocol (IP; which stands for ‘Internet Protocol’), your IP CCTV system can be set-up to work alongside other devices in your security set-up (for example, your Access Control system, or IP Phone System) and work with them in many useful ways.


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