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Do Indoor Aerials Work?

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Dec-2022 / 3 min read

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Fed up with pixelated images appearing on your screen? Need a solution to fix your TV reception problems? 

Installing a reliable indoor aerial might be the answer to receiving better image and sound quality for your TV. In this article, we delve into whether indoor aerials work and if they are worth installing while discussing what types are available.

So, do Indoor Aerials Actually Work?

Yes, today’s indoor aerials do, in fact, work. However, older models aren’t quite as effective.

Newer models in this day and age have built-in amplification to boost and strengthen signals to help you watch TV. 

Outdoor aerials usually perform better than indoor aerials as they are further away from electrical interferences which can cause pixelation. These aerials are typically positioned above obstructions that block TV signals to TV transmitters.

Although, for some people who already have an aerial for another TV in their home or live in blocks of flats without aerial access, an indoor aerial may be your solution.

Types of Indoor Aerials

When it comes to indoor aerials, you’ll want to consider finding a suitable aerial depending on the location of your transmitter. You’ll also want to consider where you’ll place your aerial.

Read more to learn about the four types of indoor aerials that may be appropriate for your home.

Log Periodic Aerials

Log periodic aerials look familiar to your typical rooftop aerial. With their fan-shaped appearance, these aerials can be placed vertically or horizontally. 

They’re a fantastic option to consider installing as they’re able to identify weak signals over long distances. 

To ensure you get the best reception, you’ll want to position your log periodic aerial towards a transmitter.

Monopole Aerials

Monopole aerials feature a singular chunky-shaped antenna which is attached to a round base. They are typically omnidirectional and can be placed either horizontally or vertically. Some monopole aerials tend to be magnetic, making them easier to attach to metal window frames.

Loop Aerials

Loop aerials tend to be placed on top of TVs which are made to be circular or rectangular in shape. These aerials are omnidirectional but do tend to enable strong signals.

Flat-Panel Aerials

Flat panel aerials have become increasingly popular due to their slim and lightweight design. They’re ideal for placing on walls or windows.

How To Get the Best Signal With Your Indoor Aerial

To achieve good TV signal quality, it’s best recommended to follow these tips:

  • Place your indoor aerial in your attic or around your window. When placing your aerial, taking the height of your aerial into consideration is an important factor. Position your aerial either in your attic or around your window.

    Keep in mind, it’s best to place your aerial in different locations to ensure you get the best signal. By moving your aerial to the highest point and close to the window, you’ll usually see an improvement in your signal coverage.

  • Position your aerial towards your nearest TV transmitter. Find out the distance between your home and your local broadcasting transmitters. You can find out where your nearest transmitter is by checking out Ofcom’s transmitter location maps.

  • Avoid placing your aerial near electrical objects. Placing your aerial near other electrical devices such as WIFI routers, mobile phones and many more can significantly impact your TV reception.
  • Install an amplified aerial. If you have weak signals in your home, adding a signal booster can help provide fantastic TV reception.

Indoor Aerial TV Installation

We hope our advice has given you insight into the best indoor aerials for your home installation needs.

Need help installing your indoor TV aerial? Contact AerialForce now for a free estimate and our highly-skilled local engineers can visit your property within the same-day!

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