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How Much Will A CCTV Installation Cost?

Mar-2020 / 4 min read

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CCTV Camera Installation Cost

A CCTV Camera is one of the best ways to prevent crime from happening to your property. Regardless of whether it is your home or your business, your safety should be your top priority. There is no denying that crime has become more rampant than it has ever been. Not to be a pessimist but given the situation of this day and age, it’s better to take all the necessary safety measures. 

One question on everyone’s mind is how much will a CCTV Camera Installation cost? In this article, we will do a comprehensive discussion on CCTV Camera Installation and the factors that affect its cost.

It’s recommended that before you push through with your decision to get a CCTV system, you become well-versed on the topic. This will allow you to get the best Surveillance system for your home at the most optimal price.

Types of CCTV Camera Systems

There are different surveillance camera systems. Take the time to read on the different types so you can get only the most suitable CCTV Camera system for your property.

  • Dome CCTV Camera

A dome camera is the most commonly used home CCTV system for indoor and outdoor security. The name comes from the fact that the CCTV camera is dome-shaped. The glass dome covers which angle the camera is facing deterring criminals from attempting a robbery.

  • Bullet CCTV Camera

A Bullet CCTV Camera is long and cylindrical. This type of camera is ideal for outdoor use, especially as it comes with a strong, protective casing. Dirt, dust and other natural elements can easily damage a regular CCTV camera. Its speciality also lies in long-distance viewing.  

  • C-Mount CCTV Camera

C-Mount CCTV Cameras come with detachable lenses making it extra versatile. While regular cameras can film only up to 35 ft., C-mount CCTV cameras can cover beyond that distance. Subtlety is not this camera’s strongest suit as it can be bulky and can easily be spotted from anywhere. However, it can be an effective scarecrow for robbers.

  • Network/IP CCTV Camera

Network or Internet-Protocol (IP) CCTV Cameras is a fairly recent advancement. Network cameras are perfect for a Home CCTV System. This camera does not have local storage but is connected to the Internet. Cloud storage is much safer as your data cannot be tampered with. By uploading the feed straight online, you get remote access, which is a solid feature for when you are on vacation and gets worried about your house.

  • High Definition HD CCTV Camera

Although an HD CCTV Camera is way more expensive than your regular CCTV Camera, it offers more uses. For example, its zoom-in feature is top-notch and can provide users with clear and HD images. This is usually used in casinos where guards need super clear images to determine whether anyone is cheating.

CCTV Features That May Affect CCTV Camera Installation Cost

  • Indoor vs Outdoor

Outdoor installations will most probably cost more as there are a lot of adjustments that have to be made. Protective casings will also need to be installed to protect the cameras from outdoor factors.

  • Extra Cameras

If you want extra cameras, this will obviously cost extra. If you’re going for a Home CCTV system, you do not need to record your entire house. It’s more financially practical to cover only the entry points of your house ie. front and back doors. This will also save you electricity costs.

  • Resolution & FPS

The higher the resolution you want, the more expensive the camera will be. If you’re going for a Home CCTV System, there is no need to empty out your bank account on a super high-tech and modern camera.

  • Motion Detection

One cool feature of newer models of CCTV systems is motion detection. With built-in motion sensors, you and your family’s safety is more guaranteed. Motion sensors can also come with Infrared vision, Thermal vision, and alarm systems. Although it will cost you extra, many consider it a small price for the peace of mind and a good night of sleep.

  • Night Vision

Cameras without night vision don’t fare well in the dark. Their feed is compromised and you wouldn’t be able to see anything significant happening unless your house has adequate lighting even in the middle of the night. What good would a camera be when it is blind half of the time. 

  • Remote Monitoring

An IP CCTV Camera streams its recording directly online. This gives its users real-time access to the feed. Users can also watch the entire recording whenever they want to monitor whether there is any suspicious activity around their area. Remote monitoring is most useful for household owners who are often away from their houses. They can easily check in any time wherever they are to make sure that their property is still safe.

  • Video Storage

    • Local Storage

Video recordings will require heavy-duty storage. Even when set in the lowest resolution, a 24-hour feed will still amount to quite a substantial amount of Gigabytes. If your camera runs on local storage, the SD Card needs to be emptied every few days.

  • Cloud Storage

On the other hand, cloud storage directly uploads all recordings to the cloud. While more convenient, as you don’t need to buy SD Cards or manually empty each one regularly, this type of storage requires a strong Internet connection and no data limit or data cap on your bandwidth.

Is It Worth Installing A CCTV?

Yes. As many would say, you cannot put a price tag on your own safety. The importance of having an existing video surveillance system is something that cannot be quantified. It’s better to take the necessary precautions now than to have an unfortunate incident in the future. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A CCTV?

A professional can easily install a CCTV System within a couple of hours. The only problem you will encounter is how to hide the wires of your cameras and which angle is best for your security. You can always ask your installers to identify where would be the most optimal location for your CCTV Camera.

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