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How To Get More Channels On Freesat?

Jan-2023 / 3 min read

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Want to get more out of your Freesat box? With over 170 TV and radio channels to experience through this popular satellite service, you’ll find a variety of entertaining children’s shows, informative news stations and even HD channels!

While Freesat offers an exceptional range of the nation’s favourite free-to-air channels such as the BBC and ITV. There’s often a demand for consumers to add additional channels to their boxes.

Although Freeset updates its services every few months, you might be required to add more channels which are listed here in our helpful guide.

So, if you’re looking to update your box, learn how you can add more channels today!

Scan Your TV

Before you get started with the process of adding more channels, you’ll need to carry out a quick channel scan.

Due to the frequent Freesat updates, a scan is required for several of the following reasons:

  • Certain channels have stopped their transmission
  • Some TV channel providers have changed their transmission process
  • Certain channels have moved to a paid service
  • Some providers have also gone out of business

No matter what the reason is, performing a quick scan will do the trick to add new channels automatically to your Freesat box.

We’ve listed below the steps you’ll need to carry out to perform your scan to get you started.

  1. Access the settings section of your Freesat box
  2. Select ‘Freesat Channels’
  3. Then, click on ‘Channel Scan’ and select ‘Begin Channel Scan’
  4. Wait until your screen says ‘Scanning Complete’
  5. After the scan, you’ll be able to access a list of newly available channels on your box.

Adding Channels Manually

Performing a quick scan allows your receiver to add channels automatically. Although, sometimes this isn’t the case. Instead, adding channels manually will be required.

Preparing To Add New Channels

The following steps will show you how to prepare new channels manually:

  1. Select the menu and then option 2 ‘Settings’.
  2. Then click on ‘Show Non-Freesat Services’ and press OK to ‘open’ the new TV channel options. Select the downwards key to any TV channel you’d like to add and press OK again.
  3. Confirm the TV channel.
  4. Then, a sub-menu should appear on your screen with the confirmation to select the channels. Pressing yes will ensure that the next following steps will be carried out successfully.

Finding Your Channel Listing

On all Freesat services, each individual channel is coded with a specific number. Therefore, you’ll want to do a quick search to find the particular channels you’d like to add to your box.

We recommend making a note of the channel codes you intend to add manually. To make life easier you can find a whole list of TV satellite codes for your favourite channels online.

You’ll find that these codes are presented in a particular order which you’ll need to understand. The first set of digits for the code will refer to the channel frequency (MHz), the LNB polarization of V (which stands for vertical), followed by the symbol rate. The symbol rate shows your receiver how quickly digital data is sent.

Adding Channels

To add channels to your list, open the ‘add non-Freesat services’. Then, you’ll be shown the following options:

  • Frequency
  • Symbol rate
  • LNB polarization

After this, you’ll be required to enter the codes in the symbol rate box. Then a drop box selection of your programmes will appear.

If this doesn’t occur, then please double-check you entered the right LNB polarization code. If you haven’t entered the right code, we suggest pressing the right arrow to add the channels you wish to have on your list.

Finally, wait a few seconds and repeat the process to add more channels. Press exit and enjoy your new TV guide!

If you’ve accidentally added a channel that you wish to delete, simply go to the channels and press right. This will prompt you to enter the ‘delete code’.

And ta-dah!

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