Lock Change: How Much Does It Cost? And Other Questions

While locks are meant to be a long-term investment for your safety and security, there are times when changing them is the best thing to do. A high-spec lock is useless if you feel like it can be compromised. For example, when you move into a new flat or house, you don’t know who has duplicates of your door key. While residents are supposed to surrender all copies when they leave, there is no guarantee that the previous tenants followed through. You may need to change locks to ensure you don’t get any unwanted visitors.

Keeping previous tenants out is not the only scenario that calls for a lock change. It can be something as mundane as having an old, out-dated model to something soap-opera worthy like saying goodbye to a problematic roommate or partner. Changing locks is the natural course of action when living arrangements change or when there is a crime spike in the neighbourhood. Whether you are updating an old lock or keeping certain people out, a lock change is a great way to improve your home’s security. 

Before you look into DIYing your lock replacement or hiring your locksmith, learn about what factors affect the price of lock changes. When you have an idea about what goes into it, you can better judge locksmith quotes and make better decisions about your lock replacement. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Lock?

When you book a local service provider for a lock change, prices may vary. However, they are generally in the £70-£115 range. This price accounts for your locksmith’s hourly rate and the replacement lock. Other factors that affect the final bill is the difficulty/ complexity of the replacement.

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Cost of Replacement Locks

Even though your locksmith will supply you with a replacement, you can still take your pick from the models available. Whether you stick to your previous lock or look into a new one, you can check out the table below for a comprehensive price range: 

Type of Lock


Mortice Deadlock


3 Lever Mortice Deadlock


5 Lever Mortice Deadlock


5 Lever Mortice Deadlock BS3621


Multi-Point Locking System


Split Spindle


Single/Solid Spindle


Night Latch/Rim Lock


Standard Night Latch


Double Locking Night Latch


Deadlocking and Auto Deadlocking Night Latch


Euro Cylinder


1-2 Star Euro Cylinder


3 Star Euro Cylinder


3 Star Euro Cylinder with Sold Secure (SS312) diamond standard


* The prices listed here are the lowest and highest for each lock on Amazon and similar retail websites. These are not permanent and are subject to change. To get an exact quote, consult your local locksmith. 

While you can play around with the different models and brands, you have to make sure you have the right type of door lock. You can tell which ones work by the door material. When you have a wooden door, you will need to have two locks fitted. The common types of lock for these doors are the mortice deadlock and the night latch. If you have a UPVC door or composite door, you will need a euro cylinder lock. The multi-point lock is the only one that can be used for both a UPVC door and a wood door, though it is more common in the former. Make sure you get the appropriate replacement for each door or else it may create weak points in your security system. 

For the best effect, look into British Standard locks which are identifiable by their kitemark logo. If they are not kitemarked, it doesn’t matter if it is also a 5 lever mortice lock, there is no guarantee that it can last against the 5 common methods for breaking a lock (picking, drilling, snapping, bumping, and extracting).  

Why Do Lock Replacement Costs Vary?

The cost varies because there are so many options in the market. The metal, size, brand, and standard/validation can affect the lock’s final price. Locks are used for so many things. Some might want to settle for a cheap model for low maintenance use, while others may need to invest in high-spec locks to improve their home’s security. If you are adding a lock in the bathroom, it doesn’t make sense to get a kitemarked lock that has been tested by the British Standards Institution (BSI). Reserve those for the front door.

Besides, door locks aren’t the only kind you can change. If you have locks on your garage or window, you have to factor in their cost as well. For a low-mid range replacement, you can refer to the table below: 

Types of General Locks


Door Lock


Garage Lock


Window Lock


Cost Of Hiring A Professional Locksmith

Once you have settled on the lock, consider the cost of hiring a professional locksmith. The table below outlines the cost of each of their services:



Gain Access- Left your key inside the home etc.


Broken Key- A broken piece is stuck in the door


New Key- You need a replacement for a broken/lost key


Repair Your Lock


Rekey Your Lock


Replace Your Lock


*The price depends on what the key is for (window vs door, etc.)

**The prices listed here are estimates and are subject to change. To get an exact quote, contact your local locksmith.

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Your locksmith’s rate can be broken down to these 4 things: 

  • Average Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate of locksmiths in the UK start from £65-£75 per hour. However, it can be lower. They might have a promotion to reduce the hours succeeding the first for long jobs or when you settle for an apprentice instead of an expert locksmith. 

  • Emergency Job/ Call Out

Issues with your locks and keys can happen at any time, because of this, it is important to be able to call a locksmith at any time of day. Whether you are lock-out or forced to stay-in, a compromised lock can greatly affect your home’s security. Most locksmiths offer a 24-hour service to accommodate this. Instead of changing locks the next day or crashing with a friend, you can have it taken care of as soon as possible. 

Aerialforce offers emergency locksmith services to help you sort out lost keys, change locks, and any other lock-related problem when you need it the most. Our on-call locksmiths will always try to respond to your call within 30 minutes-1 hour of your call. With their help, you can rest easy and have a bit of peace of mind.

The convenience, especially for calls outside of operating hours, comes at a price. While your locksmiths may provide 24-hour services, there is usually an additional fee. If you choose to call late at night, early morning, weekends, or holidays, their rates change. It typically increases around £65-£120 per hour or 50%-100%, their regular rate. Before you book any service, make sure to ask about this fee, so you are properly prepared.

  • Deals and Discounts

Since there is no current licensing requirement for locksmiths, the competition is quite fierce. Most free agents and companies provide deals and packages to set themselves apart. Every locksmith has their own approach, so it is difficult to say how much you would really save. The only way you can figure it out is by making multiple enquiries and directly comparing their quotes. 

  • VAT Registered

Being a VAT-registered locksmith or company comes with the usual 20%, however small groups or freelancers often don’t make enough to qualify, so they usually don’t need VAT. Some might try to get away with pocketing the amount, so remember to ask whether they are a VAT-registered service or not. 

Should You Hire A Locksmith For A Lock Change?

Changing your lock is a DIY-friendly task. You only need a screwdriver, a ruler, and your replacement lock. However, if you are inexperienced, it is still best to work with a locksmith. When a lock is incorrectly installed, your home is open to lock snapping and bumping. It doesn’t matter if you have an anti-bump or anti-snap lock. When it is poorly fitted, it is easy to bypass. When you call a locksmith to change a lock, you are sure to get the best installation possible.

If you are having trouble with your lock, be it your front door, garage door, car door, or window, look for Aerialforce locksmiths near you. Our 24-hour service can address your issues immediately and give you your much-needed peace of mind. Besides our speedy service, all our technicians go through a rigorous hiring process, so you are sure to be in good hands. Whether it is for a lock replacement, lock installation, or lock repair, you can contact us at 0330 173 6700 for professional locksmiths!

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