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The Bluffers Guide to Digital TV

Digital TV aerials and accessories are as much a part of our lives as cups of tea and slices of buttery toast – we couldn’t live without the joy they bring us! Ok, so maybe that’s pushing it, but adequate TV and media facilities are at the top of every birthday, Christmas and ‘To Do’ list across the country. Here are a few helpful definitions covering everything from digital TV receivers to High Definition TV!

Types of TV

LCD TV’s – The most common format of flatscreen TV. Anything above a 26inch display is suitable for HD (High Definition)

Plasma TV’s – Comparable to LCD TV’s, plasma screens are more popular as larger domestic TV’s. All contemporary plasma screens generally work with HD.

TV Services

Freeview – The most prevalent UK digital TV transmission that can be accessed via your digital TV aerials. A thrifty option since subscription is unnecessary, making your only outlay the Freeview box itself. Another option to consider is Freesat, also subcription free so the only outlay is for the equipment.

HD (High Definition) TV – The highest quality domestic service available. Modern Freeview and satellite boxes tend to come with built-in HDTV capability. Separate HD boxes are available; however, your TV must be HDTV compatible to really see the benefits. If you’re investing in a new TV be sure to look for the ‘HD Ready’ label.

One last thing! Our installers are asked one question on a pretty regular basis – “What’s a SCART cable?” Well, it’s simply a common way to connect your media equipment. It carries stereo sound and picture via a single cable, making it the most efficient connection to use in most circumstances.