The Complete Guide to Your Sky Q Installation

The rise and success of digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go challenged the TV industry. They have learned to set themselves apart with expansive libraries, original content, curated feeds, and access for multiple devices. You are never too late to watch a show. You can create lists for things you want to watch. You can stay away for weeks on end and not be bothered by what you are missing. You can come back anytime and binge-watch the accumulated episodes. Sky Q was Sky Group‘s solution for the shift in watching habits. 

What Is Sky Q?

Sky Q is a range of products that enhances your premium TV experience. They pair their channels and shows with tech that allows you to watch from multiple sources. There can be three to four TVs in HD, and there would be no dip in quality. 

What Are The Sky Q Devices? 

The number of devices will depend on the bundle that you choose to get for your Sky Q installation. The main components that are the same across the board are the Sky Q box, Sky Q mini box, and the Sky Hub. The Sky Q touch remote and the 2TB Sky Q box extra features for those who want to buy into the complete experience. 

The 1TB or 2TB Skybox is the heart of the setup, and it is the one connected to main lines like your satellite dish. The Sky Q mini boxes are devices that allow the rest of the home to be connected to channels and shows available. They are the new and improved version of the 2006 Sky multiroom. 

Lastly, the Sky Hub connects the box and mini box and improves the connection so that there is no dip in quality. You can also avail of the Sky broadband for other supported products in the Sky ecosystem. 

Like everything else with Sky, you can choose different bundles and upgrades depending on your desired viewing experience. The 2TB Sky Q box has more storage and can save more shows while you watch. The switch to 2TB also comes with additional channels, more room, more shows. Of course, this would also mean shelling out more.

The Sky Q touch remote was their answer to transitioning to touch and voice-activated devices. There is a trackpad that you can use to swipe through the different channels much as you would do with Netflix. Sky does not just improve their overall services; they take note about what makes new tech succeed and work towards innovating similar products. 


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What Are The Steps You Take For Sky Q Installation? 

Order your preferred bundle and available date and time for the instalment. Whether you are transitioning from Sky+ or are a new client, they will send you a viewing card via post. If you have not received your viewing card, contact the customer service representatives. They may have your engineer come with one ready.  Your Sky engineer will contact you to confirm their arrival time. It could be the day before or the day of your TV instalment. When they arrive, they will replace the TV box with your new model. They will also change the LNB and adjust your satellite to get the best reception.  Afterwards, they connect the satellite to your new Sky Q box along with the HDMI and power cable. Then they place the Sky Q mini boxes in the other areas of the house. If there are any current bugs in the software, the engineer will update your system. 

Do You Need A New Dish For Sky Q? 

If you have a very outdated model and had problems with it before transitioning to Sky Q, then yes, you might need to replace that dish. However, if there are no current problems, your satellite is good to go. Your Sky engineer will deal with replacing the LNB and adjusting the angle and position to guarantee exceptional signal on the first day. 

Does Sky Q Still Use The Same Cables? 

Yes, Sky Q still uses the same cables, but you might consider getting another satellite cable if you currently have one to enhance your viewing experience. You can opt to set it to single feed mode if you only have one cable, but you end up missing out on the power behind the Sky Q box. 

How Long Does The Sky Q Installation Take?

There is no fixed time, but the best estimate would be two-three weeks since your initial order. For the working time of your engineer? It depends. The most time-consuming part of the Sky Q installation is booting the system and waiting for it to create the best route from box to mini box. There is no set time for this, it depends on the layout of your home, and it takes time to establish a secure working connection.  Homes that have a dish installed and a relatively recent version of Sky devices can have the whole replacement done within two hours. However, if you do not have the main components and there is wiring work included, it can go well over three hours. When you are selecting a date, try to block off half a day for good measure.  Other Things To Note  When you are moving from Sky+ to Sky Q, you cannot transfer your saved shows. Binge-watch the old to make way for the new. You also can take note of series links to help shift your library.  When preparing for instalment be mindful. Make sure there is a space for your engineers to park, and keep it close to your house/ building. Clear out the clutter in your TV setup and make it accessible.  Savour your Sky HD channels over multiple devices now with your new Sky Q setup. With Sky owning the majority of reserved rights for Hollywood films in the country, and Sky Q able to work with Youtube, Spotify, and Netflix–it isn’t hard to believe that it is in 11 million homes. 

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