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The Latest Freeview Channel Updates You Don’t Want To Miss

May-2023 / 3 min read

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Freeview, the UK’s most popular free-to-air television platform is always evolving to provide viewers with an ever-expanding range of channels and content. 

In 2023, the platform has seen several exciting updates, with new channel additions, changes, and closures taking place. Here’s a list of the Freeview updates you should be aware of.

New Channel Additions

UK viewers can now enjoy a slew of new Freeview music channels, as well as a handful of lifestyle channels. These include:

That’s 60s (Channel Number 71). A music channel featuring music videos and entertainment dedicated to the 60s. Tony Blackburn, the first-ever presenter on Radio 1 in 1967, helped launch the channel.

That’s 70s (Channel Number 75). Another music channel showcasing music videos and entertainment, this one dedicated to the 70s.

That’s 60s MCR (Channel Number 77). In Manchester, 60s fans will find their fix on a different channel number, providing music videos and entertainment from the 60s.

TV Warehouse +1 (Channel Number 88). An infomercial-based shopping channel with content from international businesses and SMEs alike.

Channel Changes

Several Freeview channels have changed with a few being assigned new numbers. These include:

That’s 70s. Step back in time to the 1970s. Relive the music, fashion, and cultural milestones of this iconic decade with classic TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Tune into channel number 75 (80 in Manchester) for a trip down memory lane. 

That’s 80s. Experience the colourful and iconic culture of the 1980s with That’s 80s. Enjoy classic programming and nostalgic documentaries on channel number 76 (86 in Manchester)

TV Warehouse. Tune into channel number 87 to indulge in a shopping spree from the comfort of your home. Browse an extensive array of products, ranging from fashion to electronics, and home goods to beauty essentials.

Channel Launches

Freeview has also launched a host of news channels to keep you up to date on the latest current affairs.

Al Jazeera English (Channel Number 285). Stay informed on global news and events with Al Jazeera English. This international news organisation covers underreported stories and offers diverse perspectives from the global South, bringing a unique perspective to the world of news. 

Tune in to stay up to date on current affairs.

Al Jazeera Arabic (Channel Number 286). Tune in to this groundbreaking news channel for in-depth reporting and insightful analysis of global events, delivered straight from the heart of the Middle East.

WION News (Channel Number 287). Get a global perspective on the latest news and events with WION News. This international news organization covers breaking news, politics, business, and more with a focus on South Asia and beyond. 

Tune in for insightful analysis, diverse perspectives, and in-depth coverage of the stories that matter most to audiences across the globe.

BBC Regional Changes

Several BBC channels are undergoing a migration to channel 101 giving viewers one convenient location to find all their BBC content. The BBC is launching new HD versions of BBC One for all English regions. When this happens, the old version of BBC One HD will disappear. This means you won’t have to switch to your regional version of BBC One to watch the local news anymore.

The following regional channels can now be found on channel 101:

  • BBC One East Midlands HD  
  • BBC One West Midlands HD  
  • BBC One London HD  
  • BBC One Yorks HD  
  • BBC One Yorks & Lincs HD  
  • BBC One Channel Islands 

Some of the BBC’s local channels are undergoing minor name changes as well.

  • BBC One Oxford will be renamed BBC One South
  • BBC One East W will be rebranded as BBC One East
  • BBC One East E is also becoming BBC One East

Channel Closures

The Smithsonian Channel has shut down with some of its content still available on Paramount+.

What Does This Mean for Freeview Users?

Whenever there are updates made to Freeview, certain individuals may have to adjust their Freeview devices to make sure that channel names and numbers are accurate and new channels are visible. 

While some devices may automatically perform the necessary adjustments, others may require a manual retune to properly update for the most recent changes.

Freeview Installation

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