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What Height Should TV’s Be Mounted on Walls

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Dec-2022 / 2 min read

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When receiving a new TV, it can be tricky to figure out how high it should be hung. That’s why finding the perfect spot to mount your TV is important to ensure you have a cinematic experience when binge-watching all your favourite shows and films in comfort.

Therefore, placing your TV too high or too low causes problems such as craning your neck and creating pain.

In this article, we give our expert advice on the height you should be mounting your TV onto your walls and what you should consider.

What’s The Recommended Height You Should Mount Your TV?

With TVs coming in various sizes, you’ll want to have a look at the measurements of your device. Typically, wider TVs tend to be higher than narrow ones. If you find that you have a wide TV, you’ll want to ensure that you have extra space to occupy your TV.

It is recommended to keep the middle of your TV at eye level giving you an ergonomic view. 

However, this doesn’t consider other people who watch TV which doesn’t make this practical. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that watching TV is a comfortable experience for everyone.

Although, this could be different for you and would depend on how tall you are when sitting on your sofa.

How to Measure How High Your TV Should Be Mounted

You’ll also want to consider the design and layout of your room. Having your TV far away from the couch or right in front of you can make it a struggle to enjoy your favourite content. Finding the right balance is key.

There are various factors that are important when it comes to eye level. You’ll want to consider your height, the height of your sofa, and the distance between your sofa and the height of the TV.

The average height when mounting a TV is typically around 42 inches from the floor. As a rule of thumb, we recommend measuring the height of the TV and halving the measurement to find the centre point using a pencil to mark either side of the wall.

How High Should A 42” inch TV Be Mounted?

A 42” should be around 21 inches from the centre of the TV screen to the floor.

How High Should A 55” inch TV Be Mounted?

A 55” should be around 28.5 inches from the centre of the TV screen to the floor.

How High Should A 65” inch TV Be Mounted?

A 65” should be around 32.5 inches from the centre of the TV screen to the floor.

TV Wall Mounting

After reading about our recommendations, we hope this gives you an idea of what height you should hang your TV at depending on the size of your TV.

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