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How to Hide TV Wires

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Jun-2020 / 4 min read

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Using a TV Stand, a TV Rack, or mounting your TV on the wall can definitely improve the aesthetics of your living room—until the mess caused by TV wires, cords, and cables ruin everything. Your flat screen alone needs a lot of cables to function such as the power cable, the aerial cable, and the HDMI cable. One skill that you need to learn if you want to have a beautiful entertainment system is how to hide tv wires. If you have other electronics such as a gaming console, a DVD player, a Freeview box, or a Wi-Fi router, you will have to deal with a sheer volume of wires that may tangle with each other and hang around everywhere. Hiding these cords and wires can be frustrating, so we are here to give you some tips on how to hide tv wires to create a neat appearance for your TV set.

Install Power Outlet Behind TV

Our first tip is to make sure there is a power outlet behind your TV. Install a power outlet if you don’t have one. Having a power outlet behind your TV will allow you to hide your TV’ cords behind so it is obscured from public view. It will also mean that your wires and cords won’t need to stretch everywhere, especially if you have a wall mounted TV.

Buy a TV Stand with a compartment for TV cords

One of the fastest options that you can do is purchase a TV stand that has a built-in compartment for you to hide your tv wires in. It is an easy way to have a good-looking entertainment system.

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Hook Cords to the Wall or to the Back of Your Furniture

Having a power outlet near your TV may not be enough to hide your wires. Dangling cords may still appear if you have other electronic devices. To prevent these wires from dangling, we suggest you anchor them to the wall or to the back of your furniture such as your rack. You can anchor your cords using Command Cord Clips, which are available in different sizes on

Hide Cords and Cables inside the Wall

If you want your TV set to appear neat and clean from cords and cables, we have a set of tips for you on how to completely hide cables. Our first tip for cable hiding is to hide these cords and cables inside the wall of your living room. This involves cutting and drilling holes on your wall. This process may be messy at first, but it is all worth it especially if you have a wall mounted TV. Having a flat-screen TV on the wall exposes all your cables and may leave them stretching or dangling everywhere. Hiding these cords and cables behind the wall solves this problem.

Hide Cords inside a Stud Wall

Studs are the wooden or metal frames you see inside walls. These frames are fundamental in frame construction as they act as the skeleton of walls, especially interior walls. Stud walls are then created using these studs combined with plasterboards.

If you have a stud wall, you can simply cut a hole on the plasterboard behind your TV where you can put your cables. To make sure you cut a hole on the plaster and not on the stud, you can use a device called a stud finder. A stud finder is a handy device that you can use to scan your wall and detect which part is a stud. After cutting a hole behind your TV, cut another one near the floor, or somewhere near the power outlet, where you will bring the cables back out again. Finally, you can cover these holes to create a neater appearance using face plates. You can purchase a variety of face plates on

If you are not confident about doing this task, you can always ask for professional help. Aerialforce has engineers that can help you with various services such as Flat Screen TV Mounting Services and hiding cables behind the wall.

Hiding Cords inside a Brick Wall

As opposed to stud walls, hiding cords inside a brick wall can be more difficult and quite dusty. The process is a bit similar when dealing with a stud wall, but you will have to use a hammer and chisel, or an SDS drill to drill through a brick wall. This process can be risky as you might accidentally ruin your wall. If you are not confident about doing this task, we suggest you leave it to the experts.

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Using a TV Cord Hiding Kit

Aside from drilling holes inside walls being risky, simply putting cables behind the wall can also be harmful for your wires and your flat panel. If you want to hide TV wires behind the walls in a safe and easy way, we recommend using a TV Cord Hiding Kit. A TV Cord Hiding Kit consists of a corrugated plastic tube with connected outlets, cover, long extension cord, hole saw bit, wire snake, and a paper template. The kit has everything you need to do all the steps to hide TV wires behind the walls. The plastic tube has a power outlet where you can plug your TV, and a power cable so you can plug it to an existing electrical outlet. The other cords then go through the plastic tube.

Purchase a Cord Cover

If you don’t like the idea of drilling holes on your wall to hide cords and hide TV wires, you can conceal them with cord covers. You can hide the dangling cords from your wall mounted TV by camouflaging them on the wall using cord covers or cables hider. A cord cover is a shallow channel for your wires that you can be directly wall mounted. The wires are placed into this channel and concealed when the cover snaps on.

Cord Covers usually come in two types: metal cord cover and plastic cord cover. Metal covers are more durable and paintable, while plastic covers are less expensive. Metal covers are more difficult to install because they need to be screwed to the wall. On the other hand, plastic covers have an adhesive backing that allows it to stick and be easily wall mounted.

You can buy Cable Concealer Kits on You can choose a color that blends on the color of your wall, or you can point it so it camouflages on your wall.

We all want our living rooms to look neat and clean. If you want to hide TV wires in plain sight, just follow the tips we gave you! Again, if you are not confident about doing it yourself, you can always ask for professional help. Aerialforce’s professional engineers are always here to help you with your TV problems. Meanwhile, if you want to mount your TV on the wall, you can also visit our TV mounting guide or avail our TV mounting services.

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