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How To Set Up A Hard-Wired Internet Connection

Oct-2020 / 5 min read

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No one can deny the power and convenience of Wi-Fi. Whether you are emailing in the study or scrolling through social media in the bathroom–your device is connected just about anywhere you go. However, while you can browse with ease, your wireless network can be very finicky. 

Signal interference, poor weather, and multiple users can create lag. When you are playing a ranked game, talking in a video meeting, or submitting an important document for school or work, sometimes Wi-Fi just won’t cut it. Its unreliability, weak signal strength, and slow internet speed are a thing of nightmares. 

Switching to a wired connection may seem old-fashioned, but it ticks off all the boxes Wi-Fi fails to achieve. If you want a stable, fast, and secure internet connection–you need to make the switch. It doesn’t have to be a full switch as Wi-Fi’s convenience is definitely undeniable. Instead, connect your devices that’s stuck in place i.e. desktops and smart TVs with a wire and use Wi-Fi for your other devices.

Aerialforce answers frequently asked questions about wired internet connection, including a step-by-step guide on setting it up.

What Is A Hard-Wired Network?

A hard-wired network is the complete opposite of Wi-Fi. Instead of being able to access the internet with a wireless signal, you need to find an access point to connect to the internet. You can make this happen by creating a wired network with ethernet cables and ports. 

Ethernet Vs Internet

Now, what is the difference between ethernet and internet? The internet is a global connection to other networks (WAN). While ethernet is purely local (LAN), it is your connection to other devices within an area. 

Everything you see online is all thanks to your internet connection. Ethernet, on the other hand, plays the quiet and albeit unassuming role of linking your router to your switch, computer, and game console or your computer to your printer. Despite their similar-sounding names, they are completely different.

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How To Set Up A Wired Connection

Materials and Tools

When you want to create a wired network in your home or business, you need to gather the following items:

  • Router
  • Switch (optional)
  • Ethernet cables (Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, Cat 7, or Cat 8 w/ RJ45 connector)
  • Powerline adapters (optional)
  • Ethernet sockets (optional)
  • Drill
  • Handsaw

Depending on how you want to route your cables, you may also need a baseboard cord channel, cable staples, and tape. 

What Do You Want To Achieve?

When you properly plan your wired network, you won’t notice the “decrease” in coverage. Get a rough sketch of your flat and figure out which rooms need internet access. You can target specific places like the bedroom, home office/study, and dining/living area and add an internet port in each one. If you are sharing your flat, you can also add multiple access points in the common area. 

After you identify the areas that need the internet, figure out how you are going to connect each room to your router. A router usually has 4 ethernet ports. In small flats and houses, this is more than enough to create an excellent wired connection. However, if you need more access points, you can expand your range

A switch is like an extension cord but for your internet connection. Switch models may vary, but they usually offer 4 additional ethernet ports. If you want to set up multiple access points in one room or cater to multiple rooms, a switch can make it happen! 

Create A Plan

Measure the distance between your router and each internet access point. The maximum length of an ethernet cable is at 100 meters, so work within that range. With strategic switches, you can wire your entire home if you want to.

When you get the numbers, figure out the best path for your ethernet cables. People who live in one-storey homes should have no problem with this. However, households with multiple floors might need more switches and ethernet cables to make it work. 

You can spend days figuring out how to get your internet connection to another floor. Most people simply opt to keep their “internet zone” in one area. If you don’t want to deal with cables going to another level, you can opt for a powerline adapter instead. 

Powerline adapters use the existing electrical wiring to send your internet connection to different parts of the house. It may look wireless, but it still uses ethernet connections. It simply skips the tricky placement of wired connections that go up and down the stairs. As long as you have an electrical socket by your desk, you can get your internet in your room. 

With powerline adapters, there is little to no DIY work involved. You may want to look into tape or cable staples to keep your area neat, but it should be good to go. The only downside is that your wired internet connection might be slow.

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Wire Your Home

Homeowners can either DIY or commission tradesmen to create paths for the ethernet cable through the drywall. You need to get a drill and handsaw to make the holes for your ethernet cable. To keep it neat, use a plastic grommet or an ethernet socket

If you rent a flat or you don’t want to drill any holes, there are several solutions you can try. The first is running your cables through a round baseboard cord channel. It is an easy way to keep your wires from looking too messy. 

The second is using cable staples. While you may need to drill to install them, it is nothing compared to the work and mess of the first option. Space out your cable staples and run your ethernet cable through them. Make sure you put them close to the floor or the ceiling, so it does not affect your decor. 

The third solution is to use powerline adapters. All you need to do is keep your ethernet cable nice and neat with cable staples or tape. If you cannot block off one weekend to wire your home, powerline adapters are an excellent timesaver. 

The fourth is running your ethernet cable through the vents. With a bit of fishing wire, you can work the cable around your house. While this is the most creative solution, it isn’t ideal. You may run into issues, especially when the heating is on. 

If you want to hide your wires you can get other ideas here: How to Hide TV Wires

How To Connect To Your Ethernet

With everything in place, connect one end of the LAN cable to the ethernet port in your modem/router. Then connect the other end to the ethernet port in your device. If the light on your router is green, you should be ready to go. 

If you have issues with your wired internet, try following the troubleshooting suggestions from your service provider. They usually advise you to restart your router and try again. The “turn it on and off” method may seem simple, but it works most of the time. 

When the problem persists, it can be split between a hardware issue or a service provider one. Hardware issues can be a loose cable, faulty router, or any other damaged device. If you have a product warranty, send those devices back and get a replacement. However, if it is a service provider issue like no internet connection, then there is little you can do. You can try to contact them and ask about when you can get your wired internet connection back. 

The toughest part of getting a hard-wired internet connection is dealing with all the cables. When you manage to finish your set up, you can connect to just about any device with no problem. You and family can enjoy faster internet speeds with a wired connection. It can improve your productivity when you work from home and upgrade your home entertainment system as well!

Switching to wired internet is one of the best decisions you can make. With your improved connection speed, you can say goodbye to lags in online games and buffer times when you stream videos and movies. You can attend online meetings without worrying about your internet connection disappearing now and then. With wired internet, downloading and uploading large files takes no time at all. When you adjust to the new system, everyone wins!

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