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TV Aerial Installation Cost: London

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Sep-2020 / 6 min read

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While TV aerials are considered a cost-effective solution for home entertainment, there is a bit of investment involved with their installation. Your location, aerial model, and desired set-up can all contribute to the final bill. Here we will discuss the price of installing a TV aerial and the factors that affect it. Since the cost varies, most of the numbers mentioned here are ballpark figures.

How Much Does It Cost To Get An Aerial Fitted In London?

Generally, a new TV aerial installation costs (London) about £150-£200. The price is inclusive of the labour and materials needed for your set up. For a detailed breakdown, refer to the table below:

Item Indoor Aerial Installation Outdoor Aerial Installation
Aerial £10-£50 £15-£80
Additional Supplies (coaxial cable, splitter, mount, adhesive tape, etc.) £10-£15 £30-£50
Labour £100-£150 £150-£200
Total £120-£215 £195-£330

* Prices reflected here for the TV aerial and the additional supplies are rounded up from the common models available at retailers like Amazon, Currys, and Argos. The prices may change over time.

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The average cost to have an indoor aerial installed is £120-£215, while an outdoor is £195-£330. There may be a large gap between the amounts listed here, but that only proves how difficult it is to narrow down.

The aerial installation for a small one-bedroom flat will differ from one for a house with multiple TVs on different levels. And places near TV transmitters can settle for cheaper aerials because they don’t need a high-gain model to get a better signal. See? It is a matter of figuring out what you need. At the end of the day, these ranges are here to give you an idea of how much it costs.

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What Affects The Cost of My TV Aerial Installation? 

Many things will affect the total cost of your installation, namely your service provider and your home. Nothing affects the final bill more than these two factors.

Your Service Provider 

London is a naturally competitive place, and that extends to trade work as well. You can have your pick from freelancing engineers to established companies. While there is an industry standard, their setup can greatly affect the overall cost of your aerial installation. Consider these factors:

Are You Working With a Newbie or an Expert Technician?

An apprentice must always be compensated for their work, but their prices tend to be more forgiving. The quote might be cheaper but at the cost of their inexperience. When you book an experienced aerial installer, you can be rest assured that they will be able to avoid rookie mistakes.

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Are You Working With a Small Company or a Large One?

Working with a small company means every transaction is greatly valued. It means their aerial installers are in short supply. Covering all overhead costs with a small team is not easy and they may factor that into their TV aerial install. 

However, a large company has an excellent pool of technicians, and since they have the human resources and set up to respond to immediate requests. Hence, some of their quotes might be more competitive.

Are They a VAT-Registered Company?

A freelancing TV aerial installer doesn’t make enough to be a VAT-registered company. It means their prices don’t have the additional 20% and can price their services lower. However, as soon as they get more clients, that will quickly change, so you can’t expect to pay for VAT-free services for long.

What Do They Prioritise When Installing an Aerial?

Every TV aerial company has an angle, and while it is great to find a cheap, convenient aerial installation that gives you the best picture and audio quality, that is often not the case. To beat the industry standard means making sacrifices. They might not always be on call or have the best installation.

There are usually added fees if they are a convenient service that you can book and hire on short notice. You can usually tell what kind of company they are based on what they choose to advertise and how they respond to your enquiries.

Your Home 

The next thing you must consider is your home. Even if their services are cheap, it can’t be helped when you have a more complicated setup. Consider these factors:

Where Do You Live?

Some areas just get poor signals given the location and terrain. Your aerial technician may need to work around the clock for this job to make sure your TV aerial can get the right channels. Your TV aerials installation may need an aerial pole, signal amplifier, and other devices. In these types of situations, you can say goodbye to the average cost, since you need to factor in the price of the additional devices.

Where Is The Nearest TV Transmitter?

Indoor and outdoor aerials have different ranges and the larger the range, the more expensive the aerial. If you happen to live near a TV tower, then you can make do with a very affordable indoor aerial. Most of Central London can use this since Crystal Palace is one of the city’s major TV towers. However, if you live in the outer part, you might look into an outdoor aerial installation with a high-gain aerial to make sure you get your Freeview channels.

You can learn how to find the nearest TV transmitter to your postcode here.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A Roof Aerial?

Outdoor aerial installations are split between a roof aerial and a wall-mounted aerial. For the wall-mounted installation, it is relatively easy to attach the brackets with the right tools. However, the stakes are higher for a roof aerial. 

Roof aerial installations can be anywhere upwards of £200, depending on how many TV points you have and the type of building you are mounting it on. It is a pricey investment, but it also provides the biggest payoff in terms of TV signal.

How Many TV Points Do You Want in Your House?

Since there are plenty of affordable TV models on the market, it isn’t strange for a home to have more than one. If you want to connect them all to your aerial, you will need more materials and time, so it can be more expensive.

Are There Any Obstructions Engineers Have to Work Around in Your Neighbourhood?

The other thing aerial installers look at is the complexity of the setup.
While dealing with the mess of cables is one thing, signal interference is another. Wi-fi, radios, posts, trees, passing cars, buildings – these calls count as an obstruction that can affect the TV reception you receive. Your technician will need to play around with different setups to make sure you get the best signal.

How Long Does It Take To Install A TV Aerial?

Installing a TV aerial can take from 2-4 hours on average. However, it’s important to take this estimate with a pinch of salt. 

If you need an indoor aerial and live near a TV transmitter, it might only take an hour. Otherwise, if you need a roof aerial and connect it to multiple points in the home, then it might be closer to 6 hours. 

When you book a professional aerial technician, it is best to block off half a day to ensure the job is done right the first time around.

Is It Easy To Install A TV Aerial?

TV aerials are DIY-friendly, but there is a lot of patience involved. It is easy to assemble the device and connect the wires since most manuals are very comprehensive. The challenging part is getting the TV signal. The position and angle are everything and if done improperly, you will be receiving weak TV reception.

If you have an outdoor aerial, it becomes even more difficult. Your attention is now split between getting the best signal and making sure you don’t fall off the roof. You also have to be mindful of how this affects your neighbours. It is very dangerous to attempt on your own if you aren’t trained.

In summary? It depends. When you have an outdoor setup, it might be better for everyone involved if you hire a professional aerial engineer. They have the tools and experience necessary to make sure it is a hassle-free job.

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