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Dab/FM Radio Aerial Installations

Aerialforce are specialists at supplying and installing a high quality AM, FM or even DAB aerials at your property, providing you fantastic and clear radio reception in as many rooms of your choice!

All new radio aerial installations start with a free home survey on a day and time of your choice, with no obligation to have any installation carried out. Our experts will attend to discuss your requirements, provide good advice on the most suitable aerial for your property and costs.

Additionally, we can install a multiroom system to provide high quality digital radio signals throughout your property, allowing each user individual listening of their favourite radio stations.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange your free home survey.


Aerialforce - Local provider of TV Aerial and Satellite solutions.

Aerialforce is a nationally established company committed to providing the highest quality of satellite, home entertainment & digital aerial installations and services to all our clients, ensuring you are fully satisfied with any aspect of service.



Our Engineers

Picture of Rory O’Sullivan

Rory O’Sullivan

Satellite TV Engineer

I have been an aerial/satellite engineer for 10 years covering a vast amount of systems along the way from domestic aerial satellite installs to large scale communal systems consisting of multiple satellites and TV aerial integrated set ups. I have good experience of European satellite systems, home cinema set up’s & TV systems too.

Picture of James Fripp

James Fripp

Aerial Engineer

I’ve have been in the aerial and satellite Industry for approximately 19 yrs. I have installed a wide range of television aerials and satellites systems, also foreign satellite systems such as Hot bird etc. I have extensive knowledge of my local area so I would be always capable of providing a suitable digital system which would give all my customers trouble- free viewing.

Apply Now

We are accepting applications for both employed and self-employed installers. Previously worked for us, then get in touch. We are happy to hear from all previous employees. We offer a new industry leading package with a great working environment.