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Freeview Aerial Installation

Freeview Installation
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Freeview Installation

Having many years experience with installing television aerials for digital TV, our installers can provide the best advise and solutions to receive the Freeview signal at your home. All our Freeview aerial installations are backed by our 1-3 year standard parts and labour warranty, and aligned with a state of the art digital signal meter to guarantee the best reception no matter where you live!

We offer Free Estimates for all new TV aerial installations for both residential and commercial clients, and can typically attend your property within hours of your telephone call. All estimates are provided completely free of any charge, and you are under no obligation to have any work carried out.

We can also provide advice in watching television in multiple rooms of your choice, simply ask our engineer during your free visit!

Why get Freeview?

You don’t need to commit to a contract or rental agreement for Freeview. There’s no monthly subscription either. Instead, Freeview gives you free access to a range of BBC, ITV. Channel 4, UKTV and Sky TV channels, radio stations and interactive services.

If you want to receive extra digital entertainment channels, such as Sentanta Sports, Sky Sports, Sky Movies, MTV, Living, The Disney Channel, Cartoon Network and many more, you can pay a monthly subscription for Top Up TV.

If you have a freeview digital receiver with CAM access you can also pay to view extra TV channels.

How do I get Freeview?

To receive Freeview, you’ll need a quality TV aerial and either a Freeview integrated TV, or TV and separate Freeview set top box.

In addition to Freeview, you can choose to install Freeview+ or Freeview HD. Freeview+ lets you pause, fast forward and rewind live TV, and record your favourite programmes. Freeview HD brings you better picture clarity and more vibrant colours.

Freeview+, similar to Freesat+ PVR, provides any consumer the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their favourite digital television shows, live! Furthermore, a Freeview+ digital receiver can record your favourite tv shows whilst you are not home, at work or away, ensuring you never miss a show again! You can even set your Freeview+ receiver to record an entire series of your favourite television programmes by the press of a button! Freeview+ like the other Freeview services requires no monthly charge or subscription, and is provided completely free of charge providing you have a Freeview+ digital receiver. You may also require the installation of a digital tv aerial, or a second live channel feed, depending on your TV system and requirements. Freeview+ (or Freeview Plus) provides the home user all the benefits of home tape recording, but without the neccessity of tapes, and can store many programmes for free on the in built hard drive.
Freeview launched of it's much anticipated Freeview HD service, which introduced several High Definiton digital channels towards the end of 2009. Consumers will have to purchase a Freeview HD digital set top box to benefit from the new high definition channels, or have a HD television with Freeview tuner built in already. Freeview will be broadcasting these channels free inline with it's current policy, and again, no monthly subscription, rental or commitment is required.
BT have introduced their own range of digital television services via BT Vision. A BT Vision digital box will receive the channels on offer from Freeview with no monthly subscriptions, but will also provide hours of further entertainment by providing 'TV on Demand', programmes available to watch when you want, at the touch of a button! This provides a much more varied and wider range of digital entertainment for all the family. However, to reap the benefits of the full BT Vision service, you require a suitable broadband connection, complete with a monthly subscription package for the BT Vision services. BT Vision+ now also provides the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live digital television broadcasts! Similar to Sky+, Freeview+ and Freesat+, you will never miss your favourite episode again, as you will also be able to record your favourite television programmes straight to your BT Vision+ set top box - for easy viewing later. Our tv aerial installation engineers are fully trained and qualified to install any digital tv aerial or radio aerial system you require. Furthermore, each system can be fully configured to your requirements, whether you want a digital tv aerial system installed to one room, or, a complete digital aerial multiroom system installed, allowing every room in your property access to the digital tv channels on offer. This, in turn can be installed with Freeview receivers, providing greater choice and variety on the television programmes available. All installations are carried out by experienced aerial installers, and furthermore, backed by our 1 year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our service.


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