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What Are The Best Loft TV Aerials For Freeview?

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Jun-2023 / 3 min read

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Do you want access to all of Freeview’s features? Do you prefer watching the new episode of Strictly Come Dancing as it airs? Need to see who will be the next Great British Baker in real-time? You’ll need a Freeview aerial.


Can you Access Freeview Without an Aerial? 

In short, no. It would be best if you had an aerial to access Freeview’s live TV broadcasts. Luckily, there are a number of aerials that make this possible.


Will a Loft Aerial Work for Freeview?

Older model aerials get a bad reputation for not being effective when it comes to extended broadcasting. However, new aerials feature amplification hardware that provides a much stronger signal for uninterrupted viewing.

Most city dwellers live close to transmitters and so the installation of a Freeview loft aerial is ideal. This is especially useful for customers without aerial access when living in a high-rise building or block of flats. Check here to see Aerial Force’s coverage areas.


Can I Get Freeview from my Preexisting Loft Aerial?

As long as the aerial is in good condition and pointing in the right direction it should work. It is advisable to have this checked out by a professional to be sure you do not need a new aerial to enjoy Freeview.

Note, you will also need to ensure you have a Freeview-integrated TV. Most TV models from 2010 and later have this feature built in as standard. A valid UK TV license is also a requirement to access live Freeview.

Why Won’t a Loft Aerial Work in my Home?

The most common reasons for loft aerials proving ineffective include:

  • Foil-lined loft space
  • Incorrect positioning
  • Installed too close to devices that cause interference

That being said, there are very few situations like this that cannot be rectified with the use of a signal amplifier.

The Best Loft TV Aerials For Freeview

Multiple indoor aerials available to the public are perfect for accessing Freeview channels.

The kind of aerial you choose will also be influenced by where you live in the UK. Loft TV aerials are most effective within a 20-mile radius of a main UHF TV transmitter to pick up the right frequency for uninterrupted Freeview channels.

Loft aerials are also ideal if you are not particularly fond of the aesthetic of an outdoor aerial.

Log Periodic Aerials

Log Periodic Aerials look similar to your typical rooftop aerial. They are fan-shaped which allows them to be placed vertically or horizontally. 

These are particularly useful in identifying weak signals over long distances, for Freeview access from virtually anywhere in the UK.

To ensure you get the best reception, you’ll want to position your Log Periodic Aerial towards a transmitter.

Loop Aerials

Loop aerials are a great loft Aerial option as they tend to be placed on top of TVs. They are designed to be circular or rectangular in shape, depending on your preference and getting the best signal. 

Loop aerials receive signals omnidirectionally making them the ideal candidate to get the best reception in your loft.

Flat-Panel Aerials

Flat-panel aerials have become a very popular TV aerial option for the British public thanks to their slim and lightweight design. This eliminates most of the qualms people may have with the usual bulky outdoor aerial models.

They make great candidates for a loft aerial as they are created for easy placement on flat surfaces, like walls and windows.

Loft Aerial TV Installation for Freeview

We hope this has answered any questions you may have on the compatibility of a loft aerial for Freeview access.

Want to have Freeview access from your loft today? Contact AerialForce now for a free estimate and our highly-skilled local engineers can visit your property within the same day!

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