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What Is Sky Glass TV?

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Aug-2022 / 4 min read

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Launched on the 18th of October 2021, this innovative new streaming TV from Sky stands out from the rest.

Sky Glass TV intertwines everything you could think of, into this advanced internet-connected television without requiring satellite dishes and even a Sky Q box!

From cost to TV colours, find out more about the new exciting device from Sky.

What Exactly Is Sky Glass TV?

Sky Glass is essentially a QLED (quantum dot LED) TV, built with Sky’s services. It is Sky’s first-ever streaming TV and allows you to watch content using WiFi, with a minimum of up to 10 Mbps internet speeds.

Sky Glass TV integrates popular apps and streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, so you can watch all your favourite shows and movies in one place.

This TV has a 4K HD display and a 360-degree Dolby Atmos surround system with six speakers.

Its cutting-edge technology makes this TV easy to use, especially as you can activate the TV and request to watch certain shows simply by voice command. However, the TV does still come with a manual TV remote with bright backlit keys.

It is also the world’s first certified carbon-neutral TV.

It is made of aluminium which gives it a sleek appearance. Whilst, it boasts plenty of other remarkable power-saving and eco-friendly features such as an ambient light sensor, auto-switch and auto-adjusting screen brightness feature.

This TV has everything you could think of!

What Are the Specifications for Sky Glass TV?

Sky Glass TV comes in three sizes: 43 inches, 55 inches and 65 inches.

There are a variety of different colours to choose from including, anthracite black, ocean blue, racing green, dusty pink, and ceramic white. The device is packaged with a matching colour remote, which makes this TV a must-have added statement to your home.

Sky Glass comes with a variety of “viewing modes” with Sky’s very own-in house production team producing exceptional viewing quality for when you’re watching certain films and TV shows.

It also has a Vesa wall mount feature included in the TV design. You can also add an additional standard wall mounting bracket that allows you to tilt and swivel the TV to provide the best viewing angle when watching TV, wherever you’re sitting.

Our highly-qualified engineers carry a vast range of TV wall mounting brackets, catering for all your installation needs.

We’re experts at Sky Glass cable concealment, and our engineers can give the best-recommended advice when hiding those unsightly cables.

How Much Is Sky Glass TV?

Sky gives customers great flexibility when purchasing their newest TV. By keeping the customer in mind, Sky understands that spending hundreds of pounds on one instalment is not possible. Therefore, you can buy Sky Glass TV through a 0% interest-free finance agreement, or you can opt to buy this new model outright – the choice is yours.

Starting from cheaper to higher-priced options, here’s a breakdown of the costs for each specification:

  • 43-inch Sky Glass TV costs £649 on its own, or from £13 a month.
  • 55-inch TV costs £849 on its own, or £17 a month for 48 months.
  • 65-inch TV costs £1049, or £21 a month for 48 months.

The cost breakdown covers access to streaming services on solely one screen. Hence, when purchasing a Sky Glass TV, this does not include other Sky TV packages including the Sky Stream Puck which enables multi-room watching features.

It is important to note, that Sky’s subscription package, known as the Ultimate TV, is also required when purchasing a Sky Glass TV. The Sky Ultimate TV package is the same price as Netflix’s subscription price which is £26 a month.

However, you can also add other Sky packages in addition to the Ultimate TV bundle such as cinema, sports or kids’ channels too.

This TV comes with a two-year warranty with a 24-month option as well, in the case of the unlikely event a faulty occurs with your TV.

How Does Multi-Room Viewing Work With Sky Glass?

Multi-room viewing is available when purchasing the Sky Stream Puck which costs £50 each with an additional cost of £10 a month.

Sky Stream Puck is a separate box designed for Sky Glass TV, which has a similar appearance to the Sky Q Mini Box and is essentially a second streaming device.

You can allow multi-room viewing by setting up six Sky Stream Pucks which are wirelessly connected to your main Sky Glass TV. This means that if you have TVs set up in other rooms, Sky Stream Pucks allow you to stream content with 4K HD definition, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound as well.

In order to gain a stable connection, it’s worthwhile ensuring you have a minimum of 30 Mbps internet speeds to connect all of your devices.

You’ll find on a Sky Stream Puck three ports on the device. One includes an outlet for power cables to connect to, an HDMI slot that an HDMI can be inserted into to connect with other multiroom devices, and a connector for an aerial to watch Freeview channels on, in case internet issues occur (it is important to note that Sky Glass relies on internet connection in order to stream Sky services).

Can You Record Shows?

If you are a regular Sky customer, you may be familiar with the Series Link feature. Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist on Sky Glass TV. Instead, Sky has introduced a new system called Playlists.

With Playlist, you can access content from Sky and its streaming partners, enabling users to switch between watching content from one service to another, with ease and on demand. By pressing the plus button on your remote, you can add shows and movies to your playlist – and it’s as simple as that!

Sky Glass TV Installation

Have you recently purchased your very own Sky Glass TV and need help with installing it onto your living room or bedroom walls? Or perhaps you may need assistance with installing your Freeview aerial for your Sky Stream Puck.

At Aerial Force, we’re able to provide free estimates on our Sky Glass TV and Freeview Aerial Installation services and are able to arrange for our engineers to come to your doorstep on the same day of your call.

Contact us today to book your appointment, or call us on 0330 162 7094.

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