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What You Need To Know About The Sky Glass Picture Update

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Jan-2023 / 2 min read

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If you think Sky Glass TV was impressive when it first emerged, wait until you reap the rewards of the latest software update!

Since launching last year, Sky Glass has proved popular with many fans due to it being an innovative internet-connected TV with extraordinary features. Despite its advanced capabilities, it’s been criticised for its dim picture quality which Sky has aimed to enhance with its newest Aurora Display update.

The Aurora Display not only improves the quality but also boasts a plethora of exciting new features to this outstanding TV.

Learn more about the additional upgrades you can enjoy with the new update.

Sky Glass Picture Quality Upgrade

The most significant change to Sky Glass has been its picture quality. Before the update, it had been reported that many customers had issues with images being too dark.

With the new update being rolled out, Sky has improved the backlight issues and has also introduced a Vivid Mode to allow customers to render high-quality levels of contrast and brightness – giving viewers a richer experience by using less grey and washed-out colours.

Personalised Playlists

With most streaming platforms, there’s always a handy profile section that displays a personalised selection of your favourite content.

From December, you’ll be able to access your very own profile with the new Personalised Playlist feature. 

Your personalised playlist appears on the “Shared” interface for the entire family where you’ll have access to a shared playlist – which is perfect for family movie nights!

Recent TV Shows Appearing First

Another aspect that had its drawbacks is the order of the TV series rail feature. When watching a programme on Playlists, Sky Glass previously showed every episode from each series, leaving customers endlessly scrolling to find the latest episode of a TV show.

Thankfully, Sky has improved the order of the TV series rail so you can pick up from where you left off. To make life easier for TV watchers, there’s a new ‘Most Recent’ section added to Playlists to help you continue watching your favourite shows.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Since Sky Glass first came out, there have always been Bluetooth options available on the device. Sky’s newest update will now allow you to connect your very own Bluetooth headphones to your TV, giving you complete privacy and peace of mind.

Remote Finder

Ever have difficulty finding your remote control? We can relate. To help you in this unfortunate scenario, you can use the voice command by saying “Hello Sky, where’s my remote?” your remote will immediately start bleeping to help you find it. Problem solved!

Sky Glass TV Installation

Want to make the most out of the new Sky Glass TV update and need help installing this device to your walls?

At AerialForce, we’re able to provide free estimates on our Sky Glass TV Installation service and are able to arrange for our engineers to come to your doorstep on the same day of your call.

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