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How Much Is Aerial Installation in Manchester?

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Oct-2020 / 7 min read

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Manchester is one of the many places where a lot of people choose to use aerial TV for their television experience. Manchester’s location and geography is ideal and relatively great for enjoying high-quality signals whether it’s for Freeview, Sky, or Freesat.

Consequently, many customers avail satellite and aerial services in Manchester, including aerial installations and aerial repairs. If you’re ever planning on having a satellite or aerial installation and you live in Manchester, availing aerial installation Manchester services is the best way to go! While you may get cheaper quotes from outside, you would have to pay for their transportation costs and of course, there will be a long wait. Local aerial installers can attend to your property within the day.

Availing aerial installation manchester services is a great choice as it ensures you excellent quality of service. If you live in Manchester, aerial services are one call away thanks to Aerialforce, saving you from the stress brought by the installation of a TV aerial.

  1. Standard Price for TV Aerial Installation Services
    • What Defines a Standard Installation?
    • Factors That Affect Installation Costs
  2. Why is it Better to Hire Professionals for TV Aerial Installation in Manchester
    • DIY Aerial Installation Can Cause You to Spend More
    • Doing Aerial Installations on Your Own is Extremely Risky
    • Knowing the Best Type of TV Aerial in Your Area in Manchester Can Be Tricky
    • Manchester Professional Engineers Know Best about Aerials Manchester
  3. Other Services You Can Avail Alongside Aerial Service

If you want to estimate the prices first before you go call and avail the services of professional engineers and installers, you came to the right place! Many factors may affect services for installation of aerials Manchester. Here, we provided you with a guide on the prices of installation services in Manchester and why availing such services is actually cost-efficient!

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Standard Price for TV Aerial Installation Services

There are definitely many factors that may affect the price of installation services in Manchester. Cost of installations may vary from one location to another. Just like in any other products, companies will offer different costs or rates for their services. Still, there is a standard cost for these kinds of service.

What Defines a Standard Installation?

The cost of installations, first and foremost, may vary based on the installation requirements. The more complicated the installation needs to be done, the more costly it can get. Most companies have a standard where they can base the price of the installations on.

The common standard for aerial services and installation includes installing an aerial up to 32 elements in size. A standard installation also involves a TV aerial installed on a chimney stack or wall with the need of a bracket 13 inches in size at most.  The cable should externally run the new one room and should not exceed 18m in length. The property should also be two stories in height at most. Finally, the installation can be completed in under two hours.

The industry standard cost for professional installation of TV aerials is £250. This cost mostly depends on the materials (which is around £150) and the cost of work/labour (which is around £100). Of course, the actual cost will depend more on many factors, but this could still be useful enough if you’re just estimating the cost of installation services. Just compare your situation to the standard, and you can get a rough estimate of the prices. To get a more accurate price, feel free to contact or call an aerial company and ask for price estimations.

Factors That Affect Installation Costs

Materials and work/labour are the most significant factors that affect TV aerial and satellite dish installation costs. However, these are just two of the many variables that affect the prices of digital TV aerial services in Manchester. The location of your property also plays a big part. If your home’s location in Manchester has a strong reception of signals like Freeview signals or Freesat signals, then professionals can finish their work quicker and much easier.

On the other hand, if your home’s location in Manchester has weak reception of TV signals such as Freeview or Freesat, then professionals may work double-time to install the aerial. The cost of TV aerial services and installations may also become more expensive as better materials are required to get better quality of Freeview and Freesat signals. For instance, higher gain aerials, better amplifiers, or bigger masts may be required to improve the quality of such signals.

The setting of your home also affects the difficulty of installation of TV aerials. For example, if you prefer attic installation rather than a rooftop installation, then the price may get higher depending if there is a need to introduce a new electric outlet, need to hide wires, etc. The weather conditions will also definitely affect the cost of TV aerial services.

Aside from the materials, the TV aerial itself is obviously a big factor on the cost. There are different types of TV aerials, and the best type of digital aerial depends on your location. TV aerials as well as satellite cost differently. The method of installations may also depend on the type of digital aerial. The three main kinds of TV aerials: indoor aerials, outdoor aerials, and loft aerials. We will not go into detail about this one, but if you want to know more and determine the best TV aerial for your home, then read our article!

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Why is it Better to Hire Professionals for TV Aerial Installation in Manchester

You might be thinking that installing your TV aerial on your own is better and cheaper. After all, why bother hiring people for aerial installation services in Manchester when you can just Google a DIY TV aerial installation?  Well, there is a reason why many customers still avail aerial services in Manchester.

DIY Aerial Installation Can Cause You to Spend More

Yes, you read that right. You may end up spending more money by doing a DIY aerial installation. TV aerial installation, and any other installations like satellite dish installation and TV installation, is best left to the professionals. Aerial installation may look simple at first, but aerials and satellites are very delicate and sophisticated objects that should be installed carefully.
If you don’t install your aerial and satellite system the right way, you’ll end up with poor TV signal reception. A wrong installation or careless mistake may break your aerial or satellite causing you to buy another one. Moreover, satellite and aerial repairs due to mishandling may be more expensive than the actual installation itself.

Doing Aerial Installations on Your Own is Extremely Risky

To get the best signal reception in Manchester, satellites and outdoor tv aerials are usually recommended. Satellites and external or outdoor digital TV aerials Manchester are usually installed in a high area. Installing one may need going to the roof of your property or reaching a high spot on the wall of your home using a ladder.
If you don’t have the right skills and equipment, you may not just end up spending money for aerial repairs. You may also end up paying hospital bills for accidental injuries you incur on yourself. Go the safer route and contact Aerialforce instead.

Knowing the Best Type of TV Aerial in Your Area in Manchester Can Be Tricky

There are several types of digital TV aerials and satellite systems in Manchester. In some areas, having an indoor digital TV aerial may be the best choice for optimal signal reception. On the other hand, many areas in Manchester require external or digital TV aerials for the best signal reception. These are just some of the many types of digital TV aerials. Satellite systems may even be a separate discussion.
Buying the most expensive TV aerial doesn’t guarantee high quality signal reception in Manchester. If you get one without professional advice or help, you may end up wasting money as your TV aerial or satellite is not cost-efficient.

Manchester Professional Engineers Know Best about Aerials Manchester

Asking for professional help and services for your digital aerial installation is the best choice. Professional engineers, thanks to their years of experience, offer you the best services to give you the best viewing experience at home.
A TV aerial engineer is also skilled and well-knowledgeable about the different aerials Manchester choices and which one is the best for your home. Aerial services from professionals also usually come with other services such as TV installation, Freesat installation, and repairs, so if you ever need help, give Aerialforce a call!

Other Services You Can Avail Alongside Aerial Services

Aerial engineers have years of experience in satisfying customer’s aerial and digital TV needs. Aside from aerial installations in Manchester, they also work to offer different services to provide you with the best digital television experience. People who need help with their TV aerials also usually ask for help in their Freeview, Sky Magic Eye, or Freesat Installation.
Since Freeview usually comes hand in hand with TV aerials, professional aerial engineers in Manchester also offer to optimize their customer’s television system to receive the best possible Freeview signals and get the best Freeview television channels in Manchester. Problems regarding the quality of Freeview signal reception as well as missing Freeview channels are also solved by these professionals in Manchester
Aside from Freeview, professionals in Manchester can also offer their service in other installations such as satellite dish installation and Freesat installation.  Satellite Dish also comes hand in hand with Freesat, so many also avail the service of Freesat installers. Unlike Freeview which usually works with TV aerials, Freesat works via Satellite System.
You can get over 200 channels in Freesat with your satellite dish, as opposed to the Freeview’s 70 channels. Hence, Freesat is great for getting a few extra channels via satellite. However, the television experience can still feel lacking for some customers because of the limit on channels. Other customers today who are not satisfied with Freeview or Freesat reception avail the service of Sky and its magic eye.
Aerialforce engineers in Manchester can provide help installing brackets for your TV wall and help you with TV wall mounting. They can also fix your coax cable if it needs fixing and do repairs on other parts of your TV system such as your antenna, tuner, etc. Aside from cable, TV aerial, satellite dish, and any other digital television-related service, professionals can also provide service in installations of CCTV systems at your home. Contact one and they will be there as soon as possible.
There are definitely different kinds of television service you can avail in Manchester, so feel free to call and contact us through phone or email. If you ever need assistance for any aerial, satellite dish, Freeview, Sky, and problems of the like, contact Aerialforce at 0330 173 2901 or book online now!

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